18 November, 2022


2023 Parent Information for Early Learning, Prep, Year 1, Year 2

Thank you to all families who were able to attend one of our meetings last week and this week. Anybody who wasn’t able to attend and would like information is welcome to contact the Early Primary Coordinator (Ms Becca Biggs) for next year’s Prep to Year 2 or the Early Learning Coordinator (Mrs Catriona Hurd) for next year’s Early Learning.

The transition from one school year to the next is well-supported on-campus for students at all year levels and Term 4 has already seen direct opportunities for visits to new learning spaces across the Junior School campus for Early Learning to Year 4 and for Year 5 to the Middle School. Behind the scenes, staff planning continues over the coming weeks as individual student learning and wellbeing information is transferred from 2022 teachers to 2023 teachers.

In 2023 the class structure from Early Learning to Year 5 is largely the same as this year. There will be four Prep classes and three Year 1 classes, four Year 2 classes and three Year 5 classes next year. All other classes are as they were this year. This means the same number of classes in total on the Elphin Campus. In addition to the full-time class teacher, each year level from Prep to Year 5 is supported by additional Literacy teacher time and from Early Learning to Year 5, there is significant Learning Assistant support time in all classes.

We anticipate confirming all class placements for students and advising parents of this by the end of Term.

ArtStart Exhibition

Congratulations to the following Year 5 Artists who have had their work selected for the QVMAG exhibition ‘Our Home, Tasmania’ which opens on Saturday 26 November and runs until February.

Ahana Poudel, Bharait Sundaram, Bown Yang-sun, Chloe Hassell, Edie Kwan, Edward Rigney, Harriet Gatenby, Henry Bishop, Jasmine Ho, Maya Best, Riwaj Koirala, Seth Watson, Shylee Kurukulasuriya, Sienna Ziesemer, Ted Massie.

Student appointments during school hours

From time to time off-campus appointments for students during the school day may be unavoidable. When these occur, the parent or guardian collecting the student should go to reception to sign the student out. The student will meet you at reception (where possible if the student knows in advance the time for pick up, this will expedite the process). On return, students must be signed back in. For Early Learning to Year 1 students, an adult is required to sign the student in at reception, students from Years 2 to 5 may be dropped at the gate and they must then come to reception to sign themselves in.

Staff Change  – Reception

This week Ms Merran Fraser commenced as the Receptionist in the Junior School Office. For callers to the Office (in person or by phone or via email) Merran will usually be the person greeting or responding to you. Mrs Lisa Truscott, who was previously at our front desk, is still in the Elphin Office but now spending much of her time in an organisational role as the Elphin Academic Administrator.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Sara Acton virtual visit

Early Learning Elphin students had a special virtual session with award-winning author and illustrator, Sara Acton exploring storytelling, dinosaur adventures and drawing. We discovered what dinosaurs do on their day off from the museum as we read ‘Dinosaurs Day Out’ and listened to Sara’s latest picture book, ‘Jack’s Jumper’. We had our pencils and paper ready to draw along with Sara as we added drawings in this fun-filled interactive storytime.  We all had such a lovely time enjoying literature together.

For more information about Sara visit The Dash page here and see images from our event.

Kylie Brewster