25 November, 2022


Music in the Junior School

Thank you to all Year 4 and 5 string, wind, brass and percussion students who played in this week’s mini-concerts. Along with Year 3 choral performances and Junior School Rock Band gigs on-campus and at VIBES on Thursday evening, as well as rehearsals for a range of end-of-year events across the Junior School, it has been a big week of student music.

Thank you to parents, other family members and students from other classrooms who enjoyed the various performances as audience members. The development of playing skills and the ability to combine with others in a band or ensemble or choir over the course of the year were very much on display at each event.

The value and importance of music in learning, not just for its own sake but for broader cognitive development, learner attribute growth and personal wellbeing has been widely documented in education research. And, it’s something that we all enjoy and derive much pleasure from! Our students are very fortunate to have such a passionate and committed team of music teachers and tutors, led by Mr Andrew Sulzberger, Mrs Fiona Bye and Mr Jamon Dingemanse. Thank you to all staff who contribute to the music program, both curricular and cocurricular, in the Junior School.

Bike Education

The Elphin Campus has been inundated with bikes this week with the Year 3 Bike Education program running over four days and a large group of Year 3-5 triathletes going to Devonport for the Primary Schools event on Thursday.

The Year 3 program, led by the HPE Staff, focused on road safety and the simulated roads on-campus, complete with signage and traffic lights, provided an ideal training course for this.

Road Safety

Families who use one of the four drive-through drop-off and pickup zones around the Elphin Campus will have seen our Traffic Liaison Officer (Cathy Maartensz) overseeing this. These zones are in place to facilitate an efficient flow of vehicles as well as to support road safety for all students and other pedestrians during the busy 10-15 minute periods at the beginning and end of each school day. Download details on our Pick Up and Drop Off process here – Scotch Oakburn Junior School Pick up and Drop off zones

Thank you to all drivers and pedestrians who are so supportive of each other, of Cathy and of other rostered duty staff as we work together to ensure safety for all and for our students in particular. Pedestrians are reminded that the traffic lights should be the only Elphin Road crossing point during peak times –  when our own school traffic is also added to by significant general traffic on Elphin Road.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School