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31 July, 2020


2020 Virtual ArtStart Exhibition: Stay Home, Stay Safe

The brief for this exhibition encouraged students to express their feelings including their fears, hopes and dreams in response to the initial phase of the pandemic when they were learning from home.

Congratulations to the following Year 5 artists who have mixed media artwork included in the first online ArtStart exhibition.

Luka Polson
Nico Devin
Scarlett Glover
Elizabeth Moore
Isaac Dhanaraj
Hudson Bonham
Elise Kwong

Their work can be accessed on The City of Launceston QVMAG website under Blended Schools (slides 20 to 26)

Suzanne Creese


100 Days of School Celebration!

Prep students reach the milestone of their first 100 days of school next week. For the 2020 Prep group, it has been a first 100 days like none before them have experienced! The Class of 2032 will have many learning milestones to celebrate in coming years, but will any be as exciting as this early stage of their school life?

The students have been counting down (or is it up?) to this day since the start of Term 1 and as the day has drawn closer and the sense of anticipation has grown, the ‘One Hundred’ theme has been a thread running through much of their literacy, numeracy and other learning. They are ready to celebrate on Tuesday 4 August – and it’s a full moon on the 4th!

Following the morning in their own classrooms, the whole cohort will come together for learning activities in conneXions (Literacy), the Mary Fox Hall (music) and the HPEC@Elphin (PE), finishing with a disco breakout and presentation of ‘100 Days of School’ certificates.

With COVID protocols not allowing parent attendance this year, video and photos will capture key parts of the celebration for families to enjoy via The Dash. Congratulations to every Prep student as they reach ‘100 Days of School’.

Thank you to all the staff and parents who have supported and guided the students through these 100 days and all the challenges that 2020 has brought us in this period.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Junior School Cross Country

All students across Years 2-5 will join with their House cheer squads and have the opportunity to represent their House at the Cross Country Carnival at Scotch Oakburn Park on Thursday 6 August. PE classes since the start of term have focused on fitness preparation for this event.

With COVID protocols preventing the attendance of parents and friends this year, the cheer squads from Briggs, Fox, Nance and Dean will need to be in full voice!  Photo coverage of all events will be extensive and shared with families and the community via The Dash afterwards.

Full details of the Carnival and requirements for students on the day can be found on Junior School House pages on The Dash. The camaraderie, energy and spirit demonstrated at this morning’s Year 2-5 House Meetings was a forerunner to an exciting afternoon next week.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Early Learning 2021

Planning for next Year’s Early Learning classes is now well advanced. All families with children currently attending Early Learning, both those moving into Prep and those having another year in Early Learning, are being contacted in late July-early August with respect to 2021 enrolment and attendance intentions.

At the same time, applications from families for new enrolments (younger siblings in current families as well as families new to the College) are being processed.

Available places at these early years levels are always filled quickly, so current families intending to enrol new 3,4 and 5-year-olds (EL or Prep) should contact our Registrar, Trish Reid, at at the earliest opportunity to ensure places.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


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