16 June, 2023


Joyful Learning

The thrill of true learning – the curiosity, the passion, the collaboration, the connection, the effort, the fun, the pride, the sharing – includes joy.  Joy is an essential ingredient in both the learning process and the outcomes of deeper understanding and higher achievement. Meaningful engagement flows from the sense of joy in all aspects of learning as the seeds for a lifelong love of learning are sown through the Early Childhood and Primary years at school.

This week has seen many examples of joyful learning in each classroom across the Junior School from Early Learning to Year 5. These have included excited Early Learning Erina students eagerly boarding the bus for their learning adventures in the Wetlands, Year 2s embracing new Art experiences in the Art Studio, Year 1s continuing to build their burgeoning writing skills with such overt excitement each day, and Year 4s investigating and researching the impact of humans on the earth.

Through the week many parents have been able to share some of their child’s joy (and pride) in their learning through LIVE@Elphin led by Prep Dray (Wednesday) and Year 3 Prosser (Thursday), Year 5 concerts featuring Wind, Percussion and String players, and all members of each Year 5 class exhibiting and explaining the science and maths involved in creating their biomes.

Thank you to all students for the energy and joy they are bringing to their learning and to all families who have been able to find a few minutes to take a closer look at and share in on-campus glimpses of this.

Mid-Year Reports

All families with students in Prep to Year 5 now have access to their child’s mid-year progress report. The report aligns with Australian Curriculum requirements and is an update on learning in both general capabilities and subject areas.

Over the next two weeks, Parent-Student-Teacher conferences will provide an opportunity to discuss the Reports as well as reset learning goals for the second semester of 2023.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School