11 August, 2023


Junior Lions Public Speaking

Last Friday was an exciting day for our junior public speakers in Years 3, 4, 5, and 6! Under the watchful but encouraging eyes of two Riverside Lions Club adjudicators, the Year 3s and 4s used their imaginations and spoke about what it would be like being a giant, while the 5s and 6s battled it out on the topic of ‘Strange World Records in History’ which proved bizarrely entertaining!

Ms Louise Ockerby and Mrs Pip Robinson have kept this wonderful public speaking program going in the Junior School with some assistance from our senior students: Kulani Somarathna (Captain of Public Speaking), Kate Atherton and Hamish Fyffe, who helped mentor them. It’s very exciting to see the development of public speaking across both campuses.

Six of our students will now be participating in the Lions Final for Junior Public Speakers this Friday against students from Trevallyn Primary School – which is very exciting!

A big thank you to Phil Crowden from the Riverside Lions Club for his initiative and enthusiasm to build up this public speaking program; we are now grabbing these opportunities for our younger students so all our students can have their voices heard.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking

Being Inspired by Science!

On the eve of Science Week being launched across the Elphin Campus, our Year 5 students were extremely fortunate to be inspired this week by the Young Tasmanian Scientists Program!  Scientists from the University of Tasmania shared their research and passion for their world of study and discovery.  The program provided interactive learning on scientific topics such as:

Medical scientist – How your behaviour can affect your genes: the science behind the sci-fi.

Neuroscientist – Studying the brain

Geneticist – Genetics and forensics

Entomologist – All about insects

These interactive science sessions highlight the power of questions and the reward for researching.  One of the key elements of learning is to use your interests to develop deeper knowledge and to also transfer these skills into other settings.  We look forward to the excitement of Science week “Being Inspired by a Question”!  Thank you to our Junior School conneXions team, led by Mrs Beaumont for such an engaging program, for more details please visit Home – National Science Week

Ben Green
Deputy Principal – Elphin