25 September, 2020


School Holiday Break

Best wishes to all members of our College learning community for an enjoyable family time over the school holiday period. Hopefully, this is an opportunity for everybody to get a little bit of down-time and to re-charge after a very busy ten-week Term through the coldest part of the year. It might also be an opportunity for all students to re-set their learning goals as we look forward to new opportunities and experiences together in Term 4.

Thank you to all Junior School students, staff and parents for your hard work and contribution to College life in Term 3.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Senator Wendy Askew visits

Senator Wendy Askew visited the Elphin Campus this week to gift an Australian flag and an Australian Aboriginal flag to the Junior School community.  Senator Askew was greeted by the Year 5 peer leaders as they accompanied her to the flagpole area and then the various learning spaces.

Seeing our new Aboriginal flag hoisted and flown for the very first time, was a wonderful addition to children’s understanding and respect for members of our Aboriginal community, past and present, and their learning about flags, in particular our Aboriginal flag.  The Early Primary years were represented by Early Learning Beaumont and Prep Biggs who have been researching and investigating about flags.

The children in Early Learning Beaumont have done a lot of thinking about flags.

  • Flags tell everybody about the world they’re at.
  • When people see flags, they are in the same country as the flags and it makes them feel happy.
  • Frankie said that a flag makes you happy because you know you are in your country. If we are missing the Aboriginal flag, how will it make Aboriginal people feel?
  • It will make people sad if we are missing a flag.
  • They will get sad because they gave it to us with the country. It’s not kind to Aboriginal people because they built the land.
  • The Aboriginal people made sure the home (land) was safe for us.

Prep Biggs have been inquiring about the three flags of Australia, as well as other flags that represent each of the members of their learning community. Percy noted “I love my country because it has three flags”.

Through this inquiry the children used the three Australian flags plus others that represented each of them, to create their very own flag. They then put these together to create an art piece that was gifted to Senator Askew to thank her for her visit to our school community.

This was a very rich learning experience that further enhanced the learning already happening in each of these groups of children and emphasized the importance of the flags for our country. Meeting a Senator and understanding the role they play in our society added to the learning.

Following the flag-raising and visiting the learning spaces, Senator Askew concluded her visit with a tour of the campus where she had been a student at Oakburn College, which became Scotch Oakburn College for Year 7-12 of her schooling.

Thank you, Senator Askew, for your visit!

Bronwyn Bushby
Early Primary Coordinator


The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge is ‘an interactive way to teach students critical, creative, and computational thinking as well as collaboration’. Organised by the CSIRO, this challenge was taken up by many students across Years 3-5 at the Junior School earlier this month. Working in small teams (usually of 2 or 3) students had their problem solving and thinking skills stretched as they tackled the online tasks.

All students who participated are congratulated on their efforts. Results across the board were extremely strong and a testament to the strength of our curriculum emphasis in these areas.

In Year 5 High Distinctions were achieved by Elizabeth Moore, Alex Miller, Isaac You, Declan Cocker, Steve Hanson and Distinctions Preston Toh, Nathan Abbott, Chloe Horsman, Scarlett Glover, Sam Allen, Benji McDermott, Olivia McLeod, Nico Devin, Ava Corbould, Cy Eberle, Lulu Palmer, Josh Mulford, Alex Musk, Samuel Fischer, Harriet Millen, Darcy Redpath, Ben Giasli, Liliane Atkinson and Arlo Lancaster. A further 17 students were awarded a Credit.

In Year 4, Distinctions were achieved by Pallavi Haribhakth, Olive Kwan, James Seaman, Jessica Muldoon, Archie O’Brien and James van der Aa, with a further 18 students being awarded a Credit.

In Year 3, 6 students achieved a Credit Award and a further 31 were awarded a Merit Certificate.

Thank you to Mrs Marissa Saville who coordinated this event for all students involved.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


School Photographs – Junior School

A number of queries have been received about 2020 School Photographs. Student and class photographs were deferred from Term 2. These are now scheduled for the whole Junior School across two days in Term 4  – October 26-27. Full details will be forwarded to all families in Week 1 of next Term.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


2021 Enrolments for Early Learning

Families considering enrolment of younger siblings in Early Learning for next year are reminded of the need to submit a formal enrolment application. Early Learning places are always in high demand and applications are processed in order of receipt.

For Early Learning Erina places (pre-Prep year for children who are aged 4 at January 1 2021) this is of particular importance. Note that CCS (Childcare Subsidies) apply at this level for eligible families. Further information is available from our College Registrar, Trish Reid, or reception at the Elphin or Penquite Campuses if needed.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Inter-campus Connections

Earlier in the year, our class was fortunate enough to collaborate with the Year 8 Textiles class and Mrs Heggarty on a toy monsters project.  The Early Learning children drew their design and the Year 8s took notes and design details before taking on the challenge to create a monster true to the design.

As part of our Bush Learning Program, Early Learning children walked to Heartbreak Hill to meet with the Year 8s for a monster/thank you note exchange.

It has been a wonderful experience for the younger children to make connections with the older students.  We walked the older students to the top of the hill to say goodbye, before enjoying the spectacular view across Scotch Oakburn Park.

On our return journey, it was wonderful for the children to look skyward and see how far they had just walked.

We were lucky to see the beginnings of the Senior School House Athletics Carnival as we enjoyed our bus trip back to Elphin Campus.  A wonderful end to our Bush Learning Program for Term 3.

Caroline Tandy


Aleesah Darlison Zooms in

Year 2 students dialled with award-winning author, Aleesah Darlison.  Meeting authors, both in person and digitally, is one way conneXions aims to encourage student’s engagement and love of literature, whilst also providing them with opportunities to strengthen their individual reading development. Our focus was to share some our questions with Aleesah about her new series, League of Llamas. Students came up with questions such as;

Why do you love llamas? Elka.
What’s the worst thing that happened to that was funny? Luca
Is your favourite animal a llama?   Maekela
How do you Llamy-fy words? Holly
Are you going to make any more books?  Harley
How did you get the idea of the golden llama? Charlie

Kylie Brewster

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