1 September, 2023


Read, Grow, Inspire

‘Read, Grow, Inspire’ has been the 2023 CBCA Book Week theme and we have been learning and living this in conneXions over the past fortnight. Children from Early Learning to Year 5 have been inspired to imagine, create, and discover, immersing themselves in an enchanted woodland-themed learning environment.

We have explored the ‘Read’ element through the sharing of award-winning books in our cosy campsite. Children have crafted and created things that ‘Grow’ in the maker space, building a community garden of paper creations. We have been inspired by authors Timmy Bristow and Mat Harvey and illustrator Natalie Martin in our ‘Inspire’ space. The children also had the opportunity to inspire through their own storytelling.

Once again, conneXions has been a place for our students to connect with their buddies, connect with stories and connect with ideas all throughout Book Week.

Laura Beaumont
conneXions Teacher 

Book Week Dress Up Day

This week the Elphin Campus has enjoyed so many reading moments, buddy sessions with inspired book sharing and of course the colour and excitement of Dress-Up Day!  The opportunity to grow, be inspired and to learn through the written word creates so many memories for our young readers.  Witnessing the excitement of students and staff to express themselves as their favourite book character provides connection and a sense of community in our learning.

Fathers’ Day Breakfast

This morning, our community celebrated Fathers’ Day with a sell-out breakfast event of 300 guests!   Connecting our community is a focus for the Elphin Campus, events like this enable our students to show pride in their school and to connect their family to others.  One highlight this morning was the band performance, supported by Mr Jamon Dingemanse.  Special thanks to our volunteers, our Boarding House Kitchen Staff and the Year Level Parent Representatives for their collaborative work and dedication to help others.

Wishing all families a special weekend ahead!

Student Led Conferences – Year 1 – 5

Assessment as learning promotes the child at the centre of the reflection process and unpacking their future goals.  Our Student-Led Conference program is a special time for families to have an uninterrupted conversation, led by the student, to inform parents of their sense of achievement and explain how they know, not just what they know.  Please book your session as soon as possible.  Student Led Conference Afternoon/evening is on Wednesday 13 September. Details on how to book were posted on The Dash news 25 August.

Ben Green 
Deputy Principal – Elphin