8 September, 2023


Our School is a learning ecosystem!

Our belief is that everything, everyone and every moment contributes to developing an ecosystem of learning.  The manner in which we promote questions, communicate and seek to find out more are part of the investigations in all settings, indoors, outdoors, in transit and with others.  As a school we are focused on developing the whole child, this in principle places value on a personalised connection with every student, deeply connecting the learner’s strengths to the curriculum opportunities and providing growth moments through targeted goal setting.

The upcoming Student-Led Conferences across the Elphin Campus next week, are a highlight of the learning ecosystem. Every student and every family is welcomed into the school for learning conversations, designed and led by the students. This is an example of the action of explaining ‘how do I know what I know’, a part of the cycle in the ecosystem.  I look forward to the students leading this process and our families enjoying the strengths/passions for learning and the accomplishments of personalised learning goals being celebrated.

Ben Green 
Deputy Principal – Elphin