16 October, 2020


Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4 to all Junior School students and families, with a special welcome to families new to the College this week. It has been an action-packed start to the term right across the Campus from Early Learning to Year 5, with 2020 Book Week being a special focus. The ‘Curious Creatures and Wild Minds’ theme has captured the imagination of students as sessions with visiting authors (both real and virtual) over this first fortnight back are inspiring new adventures in reading as well as sparking imaginative writing across all year levels.

House Athletics Carnivals for all Year 2/3 students and all Year 4/5 students (the latter now deferred until Monday 19 October) are the first of many Term 4 events on the calendar. Education Outdoors for Years 3, 2 and Early Learning, sports morning for Prep and Year 1, Learn-to-Swim program for Prep, Basketball Championships for Years 3-6, Equestrian Gymkhana for team members of all ages, State Chess Finals, a Year 3 Bike Education program and end-of-year celebration events are a smattering of many exciting Term 4 events that students are looking forward to.

Parents will be able to attend a number of these activities and full details of each event and attendance protocols will be advised in advance.

Curiosita, one of the Da Vincian learning principles,  refers to “an insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.”  Best wishes to all students and families as together we pursue our quest for Curiosita this term.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


COVID-19 Protocols for Term 4

All families are reminded of the importance of maintaining vigilance with social distancing, hand hygiene and ensuring that students stay at home if unwell. Entry to the College (both Campuses) is still restricted and all visitors to the Elphin Campus or other school events must register their presence. For some events, registration is done online in advance, for other visits it means signing a COVID Safe Entry form at reception on arrival.  All gates are closed during the school day and visitors can phone reception for access on arrival at the main gate on Elphin Road.

Daily student drop-off and pick-up continues to be via the drive-through zones at designated gates, with staff escorting students from and to cars. For parents who walk to collect students after school, each designated gate has a footpath area and a zone immediately inside the gate while waiting for students to arrive. Both road safety and COVID safety (social distancing) are priorities around Campus entry/exit gates at these busy times.

Morning drop-offs are from 8.20am to 8.45am, and afternoon pickups are from 2.50pm for Early Learning, Prep, Years 2 and 3, or from 3.00pm for Years 1, 4 and 5. A smooth traffic flow at pickup time is helped greatly if vehicles can clearly display the student’s name, visible through the passenger side of the windscreen.

Lachie Wright
Head of Middle School


Home-School Community Partnership

All parents are reminded that their child’s teachers can be contacted as needed throughout the term by email or phone or by meeting appointment. The latter can be via Teams or face-to-face on campus.

Class Dash pages and student ePortfolios provide avenues for parents to keep informed about their child’s class activities and learning programs and all parents are encouraged to view these as triggers for home discussions with children about their learning.

This term all Junior School families are offered an opportunity to visit their child’s classroom for a morning drop-off. An online registration form and details of dates for visits to classrooms, from 8.20am to 8.45am, has been sent to all families. Please note that these visits have set dates for each class and numbers are capped on each date.

Another opportunity for Junior School parents to visit the Campus is Thursday morning in Laneway. This is every Thursday from 8:20-9:00am. Registration is necessary and details are online. Numbers are capped, but this is a great chance to catch up with other parents and some staff. Barista coffee will be available at coffee@Laneway (payment by card only).

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Digital Creative learning

As part of Book Week celebrations across the Junior School, Prep students took part in ‘Staging Stories’, offered through the Sydney Opera House as part of their Digital Creative Learning program.  This involved us dialling in from conneXions to connect to a fun and interactive English and Drama workshop led by a professional storyteller.  Starting with a picture book focus using The Pig in the Pond, by Mark Waddell, we were quickly enthralled with the storytelling and loved the opportunity to dramatise parts of the story.

We identified the Orientation, Complication and Resolution of the story and used whole body movement, facial expressions and sounds to participate. We then created a story together, using various student ideas to produce a collaborative and imaginative story. These stories involved a green dinosaur, a life-guarding unicorn and a rooster named Brewster, and were set in various locations, from the City Park in Launceston to the beaches of Sydney!  As a group, we also enjoyed seeing and communicating with other early primary classes around Australia.

Kylie Brewster
conneXions Teacher


Kym Lardner visits conneXions

Prep and Early Learning Erina classes had a special kick-off to Book Week on Tuesday with an hour-long in house performance in conneXions from author Kym Lardner.  Since he now lives in Hobart, this was a very special live performance for our students. Kym Lardner is an Australian author, illustrator and hilarious storyteller. He visits schools to tell his original stories, draw and sing and many of our students featured up the front and in his stories. What a laugh we all had as conneXions came alive. More photos from the event and information about Kym is available on the conneXions dash page.

Kylie Brewster
conneXions Teacher

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