22 September, 2023


The Big Sing!

An event of connectedness and contribution.  What a wonderful morning on Thursday at the Junior School highlighted through House Spirit, leadership and musical vibes with the Year 2 – 5 community participating in the inaugural Junior School Big Sing.

Led by our enthusiastic House Captains and our Rock Band, the community enjoyed the chance to sing, dance and contribute to creating an atmosphere of celebration through music.

Thank you to our Junior School House Heads, Andrew Sulzberger, Jude Coombe, Louise Ockerby and Nicky Reid for their passion for house-based learning.   This event will no doubt provide many positive conversations within our community and also highlight an insight into the question…”I feel connected when..?”

Prep Student-Led Conferences

This week our Prep students led learning conversations with their families in the Cataract Gorge as a celebration of their ‘Bush Learning Program’.  One of the most powerful learning moments of the year for the Prep community is providing ‘ownership’ or ‘student agency’ in their learning craft while in the Bush Learning Program.  Congratulations to the Prep students and staff for creating such a deep connection to this process, building self-belief and resilience as learners along the way.

Junior School Athletics Carnival

The Athletics season is here, with High Jump carnival events being held during lunchtime this week in the HPEC. A great atmosphere was created by so many students cheering on their House representatives.  The community is very much looking forward to the Inter-House Carnival on Wednesday 27 September at St Leonards Athletics Centre and seeing the passionate representation of each student for their House.

Ben Green
Deputy Principal – Elphin

Early Learning Emergency

Early Learning Hurd has shown great enthusiasm towards the emergency services this year, with many varieties of vehicles, buildings and imaginary play being created and built in our learning environment, and of course, sirens sounding.  Having a classroom close to Elphin Road has also provided learning stimulation for us when we hear a siren, watching from our window or balcony to see which emergency vehicle is passing and wondering what kind of emergency they are attending.

Recently we visited the Launceston Fire Station, and then our College Medic Bri Good, who is a Paramedic, brought an Ambulance to school for us to look through.  Our students loved the opportunity to explore these real-life experiences.  We thank the Launceston Fire Station and Ambulance Tasmania for supporting our learning and interest, and for providing these valuable opportunities for us.  These experiences have certainly extended and further developed our learning and play.

Catriona Hurd