6 November, 2020


2021 Information Meetings and Orientation Days

Thank you to all families who attended this week’s Information Meetings for families with students entering Early Learning, Prep, Year 1 or Year 2 in 2021. On-campus transition support for students at all year levels is ongoing in the latter part of this term, particularly for those moving to new classroom locations at Elphin or to the Middle School.

An Orientation Day for all students new to the College in Prep-Year 5 levels in 2021 is scheduled for Friday 20 November. Families with students enrolled to commence next year have received details of arrangements for this. All students (current and new) entering Year 6 next year also have an Orientation Day 20 November also.

An Orientation Morning for all 2021 Early Learning students is scheduled for Friday 29 January and information regarding this will be distributed prior to the end of this term.

Further information regarding 2021 arrangements will be forwarded to all families during the next month. Class teachers or the Junior School reception can always be contacted if questions arise in relation to transitions for students.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


November-December Events

The final month of the school year is a very busy and exciting time for all students and families. All families will now have received information regarding a number of key events and activities for their child’s year level in this period.

We are looking forward to seeing families at many of these events as we celebrate the learning year for all students. Parents needing more information on events for their child’s class are welcome to contact their class teacher or the Junior School reception at any time.

Lachie Wright
Had of Junior School


Sun Protection

Students are reminded of the importance of sun protection at all outdoor learning and break times on a daily basis. We are fortunate to have a campus with extensive shade areas, but it is most important that students have a hat at school at all times through Term 4 (and Term 1). They are also able to bring sunscreen for application as and when needed, and for swimming lessons, rash vests may be worn.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

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