17 February, 2023



What is Leadership to me?

How can we positively impact our community in 2023?

What is Round Square?

This week’s Leadership Day for all Year 5 students focused on these questions. The day was designed to deepen understandings and build leadership skills for all Year 5 students, as well as to practise some of these skills through a series of leadership challenges.

Year 12 Student Executive members shared their views on, and approaches to, leadership. Year 12 Round Square leaders delved into the Round Square IDEALS. Mr Mark Hassell (College Dean of Students) and Mr Leigh Cordell (College Round Square Director) added to the student contributions.

Year 5 is a special leadership year for all students in the cohort as the ‘seniors’ on the Elphin Campus. Every Year 5 student is a role-model and leader around the Campus and all are developing their leadership skills through daily experiences and a range of designated roles throughout the year. The six Round Square IDEALS, and in particular Leadership and Service, provide one avenue for development of the spirit of leadership.

Thank you to the Year 3-5 Coordinator Mrs Pip Robinson, the Year 5 class teachers and Junior School House Heads for their organisation of the leadership day. Thank you also to all the visiting speakers and activity leaders.

‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, shows the way.’

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School