10 November, 2023


Learning with our Head, Heart and Hands!

During this week at the Year 2, 2024 Parent Information Evening, we highlighted the concept of providing meaningful learning opportunities that ensure that our learners develop the skills of thinking through their head, heart and hands. Often these opportunities involve multiple ‘layers’ of learning and are concept-based.  Throughout the Junior School, every day in every week, these moments are alive.  We continue to celebrate the development of the tools of learning and these explicit teaching moments ensure that our students develop all their communication skills in literacy, mathematics and beyond. It is then the balance of the inquiry into big concepts that makes the learning make connection with other important aspects.  Some highlights this week where the concepts of learning have come to life include:

The Year 5 students, engaged in the ‘Be Year 6’ program at the Middle School.  A wonderful chance to experience firsthand the opportunities that 2024 will provide for our future Year 6 students, including some of the specialist learning areas and being part of the Penquite Campus.

The Year 4 Civics and Government investigation, where our students prepared a ‘Q and A’ session with our Mayor, Matthew Garwood.  This showcased the questioning skills and thinking from our Year 4 students, their research skills and their wondering of what it would be like to be in local government and be the future Mayor of Launceston!

The Prep/1 Sports morning, showcased the students’ ability to represent their house in a variety of fun and interactive sports. Their ability to work together and strive for personal success was a highlight.

The Class Rock Band Concerts – a wonderful showcase of collaboration as each Year 4 class provided a rock concert for buddies classes.  We should be so proud that every student in our Junior School has this opportunity, working in rhythm and being courageous to perform live.

Celebrating Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day – across the campus on Friday, our students hosted our visitors for what is a special occasion for families of our Junior School.  The leadership skills and humility while touring and hosting our guests around the campus are great examples of our Learner Attributes being enacted.

These examples of some of the opportunities across the Elphin Campus highlight that deep learning is a balance of curriculum rigour and routines and inspired inquiry that creates motivation and engagement!

Ben Green
Deputy Principal – Elphin