12 March, 2021





This week a group of Year 4 students joined our resident astronomer Mrs Katrina Edmunds in a Zoom session with Dr Adrian Brown, an Australian who is one of the lead scientists with NASA’s Perseverance mission to Mars. What an amazing learning opportunity to hear firsthand from a leading team member about some key aspects of this incredible scientific feat!

Perseverance was launched on July 30 2020 and arrived at the Jezero Crater on Mars on February 18 2021, having travelled at speeds of up to 500 000 kph.  ‘It survived 7 minutes of terror as it entered Mars’ thin atmosphere before being lowered by a sky crane to the cold apparently desolate surface.’

The students were glued to the vision and discussion as they shared with Mrs Edmunds her passion for all things astronomical. She even has her name on Mars now, following an application to have it included on a chip attached to Perseverance which will be on Mars until found by future space travellers (earthlings or others?).

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Swimming – NIJSSA

Congratulations to all members of the team that represented the College at this week’s Northern Independent Junior Schools Sports Association swimming carnival. ‘The vibe and supportive team culture was a highlight of the day’ (Nicky Reid), along with many outstanding performances in the pool.  Year 3 team members, representing the College for the first time, started the day on such a positive note with a series of wins in both girls and boys freestyle events, and the active encouragement and support of the Year 6 team members helped settle the big occasion nerves! Throughout the day the cross year-level interaction exemplified a true sense of ‘Team’.

More than 300 swimmers representing nine schools participated in in the carnival and the final result with Scotch Oakburn finishing in first place was a tribute to every team member striving to achieve their personal best.

Thank you HPE Teacher Nicky Reid and her team support staff of Esther Croft-Elliot, Ben Green, Deb Reynolds and Miranda Creak, together with the SOC parents who assisted as officials during the day.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Classroom Learning

Student engagement in learning investigations and tasks at all levels from Early Learning to Year 5 has been a highlight of this Term. One example of this has been in Year 1 Jones where the question ‘What does a world need?’  has led to explorations of environment, community, fictional worlds, systems such as the human body, animal worlds and even Minecraft worlds. All of these have captured the interest and imagination of students, initiating cross curricular learning and providing a ready avenue into daily reading and writing experiences.

Visitors to the classroom can readily see evidence of the learning on walls, in all corners of the room and in books, as well as hearing from the students who confidently explain what they are doing.

In every classroom across the Elphin Campus examples of learning just like this can be found. Parents who are attending conferences with their child and their class teacher this week and next, as well as those who have visited rooms through the morning drop-off booking system, will be seeing this.  Any families who have not yet had an opportunity to visit their child’s classroom this Term are strongly encouraged to find an opportunity to do so. Your guide will have much to share with you!

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Student Achievements

Congratulations to all our students who competed in last weekend’s Little Athletics State Championships in Hobart. Results reported to the school are from Year 2 students Maia Barritt who won gold medals in hurdles, long jump and high jump, and Lachlan Kleinig whose silver medals in long jump and hurdles were highlights of his strong performances across several events.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Save the Date

Families might like to make diary notes of these College events scheduled during 2021:

Mother’s Day: Friday 7 May from  2.00pm to 4.00pm

Father’s Day: Friday 3 September

Grandparents and Friends Day for Year 5: Friday 12 November

Further details of each event will be available closer to the date.

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