24 February, 2023



‘Inquisitive, asking questions to clarify thinking, wondering about the world and looking for solutions’ is the byline for one of the 10 College Learner Attributes. How do we nurture and enhance the innate curiosity that young learners bring to their everyday social, emotional and cognitive adventures in their learning environment?

Kath Murdoch’s start of school year blog for 2023 revisits this theme. ‘Cultivating curiosity in children begins with cultivating it in ourselves. It means giving ourselves permission to take an unexpected pathway, slow down, notice and wonder.’ Adults – at home and at school – modelling curiosity for children, sharing our own wonder and curiosity, taking the time to listen and to prompt, being present for children, sharing our own wonderings as we notice things when exploring the environment, encouraging our children’s inquisitiveness, asking open-ended questions… there are so many simple ways in which we can light the fires of learning for children.

“Not only do we stimulate creativity and imagination through sharing (says Murdoch), we light the spark for true dialogue and discovery.  Each moment of genuine wonder has the potential to connect with powerful and transferable concepts.” At home, there is no prescribed curriculum, but from a school perspective, Murdoch notes that “nearly always the authentic moments of wonder experienced by learners can be easily traced back to the curriculum. Knowing the curriculum deeply helps us let it go and give ourselves permission to lean in close to our learners and say, I’m listening, that sounds wonderful, tell us more …”.

When our youngest learners know that curiosity is treasured by the adults in their lives – at home and at school – they will flourish in their learning as well as in their personal wellbeing. Again from Murdoch… “How will you nurture your own and your learners’ curiosity this year? How will you stay awake to the simple provocations the world will bring to you?”

House Captains

Congratulations to the Term One Junior School House Captains on their appointments this week:

Dean: Ryan Koirala, Grace Pawson

Nance: Archie Calvert, Clementine Gee

Briggs: Maddie Perraton, Edward Rigney

Fox: Rupert Rogers, Charlotte Moore

Their first official duties were the leadership of the Inter-House Swimming teams at this week’s Carnival where Fox House was the victor, after an exciting day of swimming for all students. A highlight of the day was the passionate support of teammates by the cheer squads in all four Houses.

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

Thank you to all families who have made the time for their child’s PST Conference this week or have scheduled appointments for next. Anybody who hasn’t yet made a time for this is invited to contact their child’s class teacher directly to make a mutually convenient meeting time.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School