14 May, 2021



Having the confidence, tenacity and commitment to take responsible risks to extend capacity, persevere when presented with a challenge and learn from mistakes.

One of the College’s core ‘Learner Attributes’, this was the theme chosen by Year 2 Bauld students as they led Connect@Elphin this week. The audience of Year 2-5 students heard each of the 2 Bauld students share examples of how they needed to be courageous as they transitioned into Year 2 in 2021, either from Year 1 on the other side of the Elphin Campus or as a new student to the College. Among many new experiences and challenges, this school year presented them with a new indoor and outdoor learning environment, daily access to a much wider area of the Campus, mixing more with older students rather than being the oldest in their area as previously, making new friends among their own peer group,  having a wider range of teachers for different subjects, going to House Meetings and the Swimming Carnival, ‘harder work’ and… learning how to put on a tie to wear to school!

Having the courage to initiate friendships, to join group activities outside the classroom and in their House, and to share with peers or teachers when a concern was on their minds or a learning task was proving difficult, were all highlighted during the presentation.

The final message from 2 Bauld reminded all of us of the importance of being courageous in our daily lives:

‘Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow.’

Thank you to every member of the class for their message and well done on their courage demonstrated by standing and speaking in front of a large audience of older students as well as adults.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


School Photographs

All families are reminded that May 20 and 21 are 2021 School Photograph days at the Elphin Campus. All students should be in full school uniform on their class photograph day. Details of this have been forwarded to all families across Early Learning to Year 5.  Anybody needing additional information can contact the Junior School Office.

Launceston Competitions – Drama

Congratulations and well done to all Junior School students who participated in the 2021 Drama Competitions. The skill of effective communication, particularly in front of an audience, is such an important life skill.

Special acknowledgement is made of Clarice Kirschbaum and Audrey Green on being awarded the Year 4 Aggregate Prize. Clarice also received the Artistic Excellence award and Audrey received the Adjudicators choice award for Most Promising Performer.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


New Mural – Elphin Tennis Court

What makes a Great Journey? This was the focus question for Year 4 students working with artist Ghostpatrol (David Booth).

Linked to their classroom inquiry into Great Journeys, Year 4 students have recently worked with mural artist ‘Ghostpatrol.’  The students began with brainstorming ideas around this question by creating sketches and documenting their thoughts.  Ghostpatrol then distilled these ideas into a mural design that captured the collective feeling of the Year 4 group.  The mural has been completed this week.  This work invites many interpretations and conversations around the essence of a great journey and has enhanced this part of our school environment.

Suzanne Creese  


Cross Country – Newstead Athletics School Series

Students from each of our three campuses are enjoying participating in the Newstead Athletics Cross Country School Series. This series involves six events over six weeks at various locations. This year’s series began two weeks ago at Tailrace and last Saturday we were at Scotch Oakburn Park.

The College is very well represented across all age groups, and our runners are really challenging themselves reminding us of Kurt Hahn’s famous quote – “there is more in us than we know”.

It’s not too late to get involved, the series takes place on Saturdays arriving at 12:30pm for a 1.00pm start. If you are wanting to be involved you can register at School Series Info – Newstead Athletics.

We look forward to this Saturday’s event at Hagley Farm Primary School.

Becca Biggs


Donation to St Giles

Dezzy Wilson (Year 3), spent his holidays growing and selling Spider Plants to raise money for St Giles. This wonderful act of giving from Dezzy encompasses so many of our Learner Attributes including collaboration, compassion, being ethical and innovative. Well done Dezzy!  (Image source: St Giles Facebook)

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

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