SOC@Home Learning Experiences

Wow! What a week it has been in all aspects of school learning, let alone our lives beyond school! Our adaptability, capacity to manage change, resilience and a community sense of togetherness are a handful of so many threads at the forefront of learning and life just now.

The transition to learning at home (e-learning, or distance learning) for students, parents and staff right across the College from Early Learning to Year 12 has been embraced so positively and effectively. While not without some hiccups and challenges along the way, it has also brought many special moments to be celebrated.

A sprinkling of reflections and comments from Junior School students, parents and staff over the week are shared here.

From Early Learning:

Student to teacher and learning Assistant – “I got my letter yesterday and it was so cool. Today when we made the honey joys I put you both in the knife block so you could see everything. I could smell the honey it smelt beautiful. But they were disgusting when I tried them (mummy loves them)! They were very crunchy and hard to eat.”

“I am looking forward to listening to the music activities and practicing my jumping and walking along a line.”

“We’re all missing school (especially Mum 🙂 ). I have been to the farm a couple of times but Pa has gone to Musselroe Bay to make sure he doesn’t get sick and Grandma is staying away from us too so I haven’t been able to do everything I usually do there.”

“I’m keeping my stick collection together in a basket.” (photo and parent note sent with student letter to teacher and learning assistant)

“Here I am with all my loot – recycled bottles and jars, bits of fabric pieces, a vase, odd socks (“that don’t smell odd”), string and wool. We had a check ist to tick off once we found what we were looking for. Love from ….”

“She’s feeling very grownup, being able to use my computer “for work”. We’re really enjoying this different learning experience. Thanks again for the huge amount of work behind the scenes!”

“A… is now going outside to pretend he is off (to) the Claremont gardens haha”

“On the weekend, C… had the idea to use her big stick to attach a fishing net and go fishing! So that’s what we did- went down to Hadspen and had a go. We didn’t catch any fish but had fun anyway. We picked some blackberries by the river. When we got home we watched an episode of “Extreme Fishing with Robson Green” and learned a bit more about how much hard work and patience it takes to catch a really big fish!”

From Prep:

Parent: “I’m learning so much about the learning process and I am delighted to be able to be so connected to M…’s learning. It is really rewarding to be so connected and engaged with her learning and I am amazed at how quickly she learns! It is incredible to watch learning happen”.

“Thank you for giving things a go, persisting if it didn’t work at first and knowing that sometimes a cuddle and a book was what was needed most. As parents, we need to keep our families safe, secure and connected….”

Have you had a chance to look through the Prep Learning@Home pages in numeracy, literacy and inquiry? The children/parents have been sharing the photos/videos in the section titled ‘share your learning here’ – the diversity and joy in these posts is magical.

For me this past week has reminded me of  “Just Being”: being in the moment, being present for those who need to vent or question, being accommodating to those that are just not quite sure, being resilient during times of stress and worry and most of all being grateful for the things we take for granted every day and showing empathy towards each other, the essence of “Just Being”.

From Year 1:

“I miss school, I miss my friends, I miss everybody” L…

“The only time you ever consider failure is when you fall and you don’t get back up”

“As a teacher, I now understand what Kath Murdoch means by making time for ‘joy’.  I once grappled with this concept, as I would ask myself how can you plan for joy? I now know joy is the sound of a child’s voice, the smile on someone’s face, the encouragement of a colleague, the help or good gesture from a neighbour and finding beauty in the most unexpected of places.”

From Year 3:

“I get to spend more time with my Dad.”

“I get to play with my dog at recess and lunch.”

“I get to get up later.”

“I get to use Microsoft Teams.”

From Year 4

What did you like or find interesting about eLearning this week?

“Learning a new system. Finishing at 3pm and being home not waiting for the bus.”

“To just have fun and work hard.”

“I think that you should have a mute chat feature so you don’t get tempted to look at the chat when you’re supposed to be working.”

“Don’t rush; think about the questions, ask questions.”

“If you feel like everything is going to fast, just do your learning at your own pace.”

“Move on even if you make a mistake; keep on going and trying.”

“Try not to get distracted with chatting too much because we are still doing school except on a laptop or iPad·”

What ideas would you like to share to help other students learn online?

“Do as much as you can in the morning and as it’s hard to come back inside on a beautiful day after lunch.”

No doubt the week’s learning has brought the full range of highs and lows for all of us. May we find joy and comfort in the many precious moments that are always in our daily learning and lives.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School