10 March, 2023


Student lunchboxes

The benefits of a well-balanced, nutritious lunchbox for young students are well-documented and a plethora of information on this subject can readily be found online and in child health literature.

For children of all Junior School ages, what they eat during their school day (and before school) has a major impact on their learning and wellbeing at school. Of note from a research study (Impact of Diet on Learning, Memory and Cognition, Reichelt et al, 2017) is the reporting of excessive consumption of high fat and high sugar foods leading to ‘enduring alterations in brain regions involved in learning, memory and reward. Moreover, alterations in brain regions essential for learning, memory and behavioral control induced by these foods appear to be especially profound in the immature brain.’

Thus, it is not only the immediate short-term impact of these foods on children’s daily cognitive, social and emotional learning (including behavioural regulation) but significantly the longer-term impacts on individual educational and personal wellbeing outcomes that should be priority considerations when planning school lunchboxes with and for children.

The importance of what is in the lunchbox (as well as ample water in drink bottles for the full day) is very significant for every student – and for those who work and play with them in the classroom and in the schoolyard.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

NIJSSA Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all students who participated in the NIJSSA Swimming Carnival held at Riverside Pool on Thursday 9 March.  Students showcased their ability throughout the day with outstanding results.

Individual events:
46 first places
12 second places
6 this places
5 fourth places

7 first places
1 fourth place

The Year 3 Girls relay team comprising Audrey Tso, Annabelle Heckendorf, Jasmine Liu and Xena Wang finished a lap in front of their closest competition, smashing the record set in 2010  by over 6 seconds.

Overall standings for the day: Scotch Oakburn College: First, Launceston Grammar: Second and Sacred Heart: Third.

Thank you to our parent officials for timekeeping on the day.

Nicky Reid
Health and Physical Education Teacher