15 October, 2021


Welcome to Term 4

Excitement plus! Starting school for the first time, starting at a new school, being back at school, renewing and making friendships, resetting personal goals, embracing new learning challenges in the classroom, exploring the playground… all these and more were awash across the Junior School this week.

Welcome to the new Term to all students and families, with a particular welcome to those who have just joined the College learning community for the first time and to the Early Learners who started their school life this week. Best wishes to every student for a Term that opens new learning opportunities, leads to the asking of many new questions and exploration of these, further consolidates key learning skills and keeps building fulfilling relationships. Work hard, dream big!

Term 4 Events

The Term 4 calendar is a very full one with a wide range of scheduled events right across all year levels. Details of coming activities are always sent directly to families in advance, but everyone is encouraged to scan the ePlanner on The Dash and diarise events specific to their child’s class or year level.

In our immediate sights are the Year 5-6 Regional Basketball Championships this weekend (and Year 3-4 next weekend), rescheduled Years 2-5 House Athletics Carnival on Monday, weekly Learning together sessions for new 2022 Early Learning families starting on Monday, State Chess Finals on Monday, Lemana Day for EL-5 and VIBES for the whole College community on Thursday next week.

Sun protection

UV radiation in Launceston edged up to ‘High’ (6+) this week, even on the wet and cloudy days. We all need to keep reminding ourselves of the importance of sun protection in outdoor learning activities and break times.


Thought spark for the week:

Developing the trait of being compassionate is one of the ten core learner attributes that are at the heart of the ‘Learning’ strand of the College’s SOC2035 vision. We define being compassionate as “taking on the feelings and perspectives of others with humility and acting intuitively to support them through the development of emotional intelligence (EQ). In the words of Year 8 student Lincoln Giasli whose EY8 project focused on the Learner Attributes, ‘In learning and group work it is important to understand the emotions of others…. Helping others with your learning will be a good way of understanding how others can sometimes feel. You should also talk to people during group tasks to ensure they feel safe in the environment and are enjoying themselves.’

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Year 5 Rock Band at the Harvest Market

The Year 5 Rock Band will be performing at the Launceston Harvest Market next Saturday 23 October. They will be performing two sets, one at 9.15am and the second at 10.30am. They would love to see you there!

Jamon Dingemanse

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