26 November, 2021


Round Square Flag Ceremony

Year 2-5 students attended a Round Square Flag Ceremony at the Junior School this week. Led by Year 12 Round Square Captains Carl Els and Jess Finnigan, the ceremony included Junior School speakers representing the five global Round Square regions of Australasia and East Asia, South Asia and the Gulf, Europe, the Americas and Africa. Ida Eberle (Japan), Shiv Kataria (UK), Aarogya Mudwari (Nepal), Diego Munoz Lagos (Chile) and Anja Jacobs (South Africa) shared some of the culture and favourite memories of their homelands.

Round Square schools are in 55 countries around the world and within the College community, there are students and families with direct links to many other countries and cultures. The flags of all these countries are displayed in the HPEC@Elphin as we recognise and celebrate the wonderfully diverse makeup of our vibrant College community.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Congratulations to all Year 4 and 5 students who played at one of the four short concerts at the Junior School this week. The 4-5 instrumental program is a very important part of the music curriculum and the students have worked hard in class and at home throughout the year as they developed their skills on their instrument and their ability to play together in groups and ensembles. String, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, rhythm and percussion players all proudly celebrated the year’s learning as they played to audiences of peers and parents.

Thank you to all family members who were able to attend one of these concerts and to all members of the Elphin music staff for their guidance of the students at these concerts and throughout this year.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Being Active

This week has been a busy bike week for many Junior School students. All Year 3’s had their bikes at school for the intensive on-campus bike education and road safety program and on Thursday 60 students from Years 3-5 participated in the 2021 Primary Triathlon Challenge at Devonport.

These activities, together with today’s Walk-to-School Day for Junior School students and families, are a reminder to us all of the health and wellbeing value of active outdoor lifestyles. Students really cannot get too much daily outdoor exercise!

A small but growing number of students, in many cases with parents accompanying them, are walking or riding (bike or scooter) to school on a regular basis. Others might consider this, especially in the summer months. Even those who need to travel by car from home could consider a ‘park and ride or walk’ option for the last km or even half km?

Parking near the Elphin Sports Centre, or at the very bottom end of Cypress Street, or closer to Newstead on Elphin Road, or near the Launceston Aquatic Centre, or other similar distance-from-the-campus locations, and enjoying a short family walk (or ride on bike or scooter) to school in the morning, or the reverse at afternoon pickup time, could have the extra benefit of avoiding busy school traffic areas and the time spent in drive-through queues. How different would the walk/ride time be to the time spent in traffic?

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Author Julie Hunt visits conneXions

Last week, each Year 3 class had a virtual author visit with Tasmanian author Julie Hunt to explore her award-winning picture book, The Coat. We have been working on a term-long project exploring the elements involved in this story and students were excited to share their understandings of the big ideas with Julie, asking questions back and forth and developing a deeper understanding of the text. Students are fortunate to have direct insights from the Tasmanian artist, Ron Brooks, as Julie shared his inspirations and process of creating the stunning illustrations.

This project is unique to Year 3 and students are lucky to have access to ask questions and share thinking directly with Julie via our Social Stream component on The Dash. We will continue to focus on this text, writing our own stories which also feature a character and an object that experiences ‘transformation’, similar to The Coat.

Please visit The Dash page with your child to share insights from this project and view images from her Zoom visit. make sure you ‘LOAD MORE’ to view the wonderful insights from students to Julie.  Visit The Dash – Julie Hunt Year 3 The Coat

Some thoughts from students –

Ryad D – We have enjoyed talking to Julie Hunt and loved looking at her different books and hearing about The Coat.
Holly – I enjoyed how Julie showed us the story of how she came up with the Coat.
Tom – It was amazing to be able to see and work with an author.

Kylie Brewster
conneXions Teacher

Year 3 Bike Education

This week Year 3 students have participated in Bike Education.  The program aims to develop students’ confidence and competence as safe bike riders out in the community.

Students have participated in a range of mock riding experiences including riding on the road, using shared pathways and riding in a group.

Nicky Reid
HPE Teacher


Sixty Year 3-5 students competed in the Schools Triathlon Challenge in Devonport this week.  It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect conditions for a triathlon.  Our students did a fantastic job over the course, showcasing grit and determination throughout their swim, bike and run.  It was a great learning experience with many noting that the transition area was the most challenging part.  A fun day that ended with many smiles and aspirations to compete in the next triathlon. A big thank you to all staff and parents who assisted on the day.

Daniel Ellis
HPE Teacher


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