18 February, 2022


Parent -Student -Teacher (P-S-T) Conferences

P-S-T Conferences for all Junior School families commence next week (From Monday 21 February). Details of the process for booking an appointment with Class Teachers (from Early Learning to Year 5) have been sent to all families.

These conferences are an important opportunity at this early stage of the year for parents-students-teachers to share information and focus on strategies for 2022 learning and wellbeing goals. The venue in all cases is the student’s home classroom.

We look forward to welcoming every Junior School family to a conference over the coming fortnight.

Subject Teachers

Complementing the work of Class Teachers, Literacy Teachers and Learning Assistants in supporting student learning and wellbeing are, Subject Teachers in a number of curriculum areas at different year levels across the Junior School.

Art: Mrs Suzanne Creese Years 2-5
Music: Mr Andrew Sulzberger, Mrs Fiona Bye and Mr Jamon Dingemanse EL-Year 5
Languages (Chinese Mandarin): Mrs Lutong Cordell Years 4-5 and Ms Anni Zhang Prep-Year 3
Health and Physical Education (HPE):  Ms Nicky Reid EL3-EL4, Year 3 and Year 5, Mr Daniel Ellis Year 2 and Year 4 and Mrs Sue Fletcher Prep and Year 1
Learning Technologies: Dr Marissa Saville P- Year 5
Children’s Literature: Ms Kylie Brewster Years 3-5, along with conneXions support for all year levels
Drama: Mr Andy Prideaux Years 3-5
Learning Support: Mrs Jo McFarlane, across all year levels

Parents are welcome to contact their child’s Subject Teacher at any time through the school year.  Class Teachers or Junior School Reception can assist with contacts as needed.

House Swimming

All Year 3-5 students will represent their House at next week’s House Swimming Carnival, held on Wednesday 23 February. The focus of the day is on swimming and, importantly, on teamwork and House spirit. Every swimmer contributes to their overall House result through striving for their personal best in the pool and through supporting and encouraging their teammates.  As previously advised, unfortunately we are not able to have spectators on campus for this event.

Congratulations on the appointment to this year’s House swimming captains:
Nance: Evan Abbott, Chloe Hassell
Briggs: Hugh O’Connor, Meg de Deuge
Fox: Douglas Hyde, Audrey Green
Dean: Emma Campbell, Deacon Sims

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School