4 March, 2022


Outdoor Learning in the Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Elphin students were very excited this week as their newly redeveloped section of the outdoor area was opened for use. After enjoying and intently watching the works through the safety fence for the last four weeks, the moment to use the area arrived. This was welcomed by a throng of very eager 3 and 4 year olds from the Early Learning Rockliffe, Runciman, Austin and McCausland classes.

Outdoor learning is a very important part of the Early Learning program where the environment tis often viewed as the ‘third teacher’. Along with families and school educators, the environment plays a key role in the development of children’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of their world. Problem-solving, investigation and discovery, (controlled) risk taking, curiosity, imagination are all attributes that are developing through outdoor learning experiences. So, too, fine and gross motor skills along with social and emotional skills are built through these experiences. The sheer joy of active playing, learning and interacting with others in an exciting place is central to the Early Years Learning Framework tenets of ‘belonging, being, becoming.’

Year 2 House Aquatic Afternoon

Who would have thought 66 Year 2 students could make so much noise? The cheering of House team mates, along with the waving of banners and displays of House colours, highlighted an action-packed hour at the pool for all the Year 2 students this week. Amidst all the fun and happy faces, swimmers from Nance, Dean, Fox and Briggs engaged in an hour of aquatic events and activities in their first Inter-House event of the year. The Year 5 House Captains were in full voice and ‘House-spirit building’ mode as they supported their teams.

Thank you to the HPE staff and the Junior School House Heads for leading a memorable session for the Year 2’s.

Interschool Swimming

This year’s NIJSSA swimming carnival was scheduled for Thursday 10 March. With a number of schools not participating this has been replaced with an inter-school carnival for four schools at the Riverside Pool on the same day. The Scotch Oakburn team of Year 3-6 swimmers will take part with all usual events on the program for the day.

Elphin Campus Traffic

Thank you to all families for the support of daily school drop-offs and pickups. In particular, the growing number of families opting to walk to school, or to park and walk from varying distances nearby, is helping the flow of traffic closer to the Campus.

Parents are welcome to come into the Campus for student drop-offs and pickups but should not park in the drive-through zones to do this.

Drivers opting to use one of the four designated two minute No Standing zones (Erina Street, Elphin Road, Claremont Street x 2) at the Year Level gates are reminded that two minutes is the maximum time to stop. The driver is able to alight from the vehicle to assist children but should not leave the vehicle to come into the Campus. There is a staff member at each gate to oversee students arriving or leaving.  Please note that Traffic Officers are assisting with the monitoring of these areas as an additional safety measure for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Daily drop-off time is 8.20 – 8.45am for all Junior School students (EL-Year 5). Daily pickup times are 2.50-3.10pm for Early Learning and 3.00-3.20pm for Prep-Year 5.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School