11 March, 2022



Congratulations to all 40 members of our Year 3-6 team who participated in this week’s modified NIJSSA Swimming Carnival at the Riverside Pool. The four participating schools, Scotch Oakburn College, Launceston Church Grammar School, Launceston Christian School  and Launceston Preparatory School enjoyed an exciting days competition and the standard of swimming was exceptional.

Thank you to the staff from Junior School, Middle School and eServices who supported the team and also took on roles as officials.

Prep Learn-to-Swim

Prep students are looking forward with great anticipation to their first school aquatic program with a Water Orientation session at the Launceston Aquatic Centre each day next week (four days). Led by our HPE staff and supported by Class Teachers and Learning Assistants, the week focuses on water safety skills and developing confidence in the water. The even-depth pool at the Aquatic Centre provides an ideal starting point for this.

In Term 4 this will be followed up with a full Learn-to-Swim program in the deeper pool at the Elphin Campus.

Year 5 Education Outdoors

Year 5 students and staff will be engaged in the Education Outdoors program at the Valley Campus next week. The program which runs from Tuesday to Friday has an overarching focus on ’Change’ and is built around activities and initiatives that develop student teamwork, self-awareness, spirit of adventure and awareness of the local environment and history.

Learner Attributes of Courage and Inclusivity are central themes incorporated into the program which is led by the College’s Education Outdoors team.

Mr Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School