18 March, 2022


Sleep Hygiene for children

There is a wealth of research and writing on the importance of sleep for children’s academic, social and emotional learning as well as their self-regulation development. Sleep hygiene refers to getting adequate sleep time as well as quality sleep.

How much sleep time is needed for Junior School age children? Most studies suggest a daily minimum of 10 hours for 3-5 year olds and minimum of 9 hours for 6-12 year olds. For some children 1-2 hours more than these minimums may be needed, but to thrive, all children need adequate sleep each night. Evidence shows that children who get enough sleep have ‘a healthier immune system and better school performance, behaviour, memory and mental health.’

Along with other environmental factors, a settled and regular pre-bedtime routine is extremely important in helping sleep quality. This will vary for individual circumstances but having at least an hour totally free of technology prior to bedtime is a consistent starting point found in writings on this subject. What else to do in this hour? Starting with brushing teeth, it can be an ideal time for children to be read to (the benefits of this are wide-ranging, not just for sleep), to read themselves, to strengthen parent-child connections and to enjoy gentle music. The importance of pre-sleep routines should not be underestimated and when these are regular it can take away many of the challenges that sometimes arise in getting children to sleep.

COVID-19 Protocols

Thank you to all members of our community for the support of protocols at this time. In particular, staying at home when symptoms are apparent and Rapid Antigen Testing in accordance with Public Health advice have been especially helpful in restricting the recent increase of cases on the Elphin Campus.  Parents are reminded that RAT’s are available from the College for all families and these should be collected for the Junior School Office for all Early Learning to Year 5 students.

Mr Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

April/May 2022 Vacation Care Program

The Term 1 holiday break includes Easter and Anzac Day public holidays this year. Around these, the Vacation Care Program on the Elphin Campus is scheduled for Wednesday 20 – Friday 22 April, Tuesday 26 – Friday 29 April and Monday 2 May.

Term 1 finishes on Thursday April 14 and Term 2 commences for all classes on Tuesday 3 May.

The full Vacation Care program, along with registration details, is available online, or from the Outside School Hours Care room or Reception at the Junior School, from Monday 21 March.

Alicia Nuccitelli
Outside School Hours Care Manager