13 May, 2022


Special Visitor, Mrs Vera Taylor (nee Rigney ’66)

On Thursday 5 May,  Year 1 Kleinig received a very special visit from James’ Great Aunt Vera Taylor.

Vera came to our class to share her stories from her time as a student at the school when it was Ladies’ Methodist College. All of the students were so excited to learn and ask questions about the past as part of their inquiry into how people lived in the past in Australia.

We particularly enjoyed passing around the artefacts that Vera brought in. We looked at her old school books, her teddy that was over 100 years old, several books from the 1950s and 60s, as well as a woollen bathing costume for men which stumped us all when we were guessing what the item could be.

Vera has kindly allowed us to borrow her treasures this Term while we continue our inquiry and attempt to answer our big question ‘how are families different in Australia today than they have been at different times in the past?’ We are looking forward to learning and exploring more over the next eight weeks.

Our favourite part of the visit was playing a game of quoits. We enjoyed learning the game and continued to improve as we played three rounds together. We are looking forward to being quoits experts by the end of the Term.

Our next learning experience will be to churn butter together using an old glass butter churn. We look forward to sharing more of our learning through the newsletter soon.

Kerri Kleinig

School Photographs

Annual school photographs for all Junior School students from Early Learning to Year 5 are taking place on the Elphin Campus on Thursday and Friday 19 and 20 May. All families have been sent full details of the process for this and a reminder that students should wear their full winter uniform to school on their photograph day.

Term 2 House Captains

The Year 5 Leadership Development program is an important aspect of the ‘senior’ year in the Junior School. Activities designed to support the growth of leadership skills for each Year 5 student are woven into the fabric of classroom and broader campus life throughout the year. Specific leadership roles for Year 5s over the course of the year also provide learning experiences in this field.

Congratulations to this Term’s new House Captains on their appointments:

Dean: Clementine Dell, Sam Edwards
Briggs: Crosby Lyne, Lucie Ackers
Nance:  Ellie Walduck, Charlie McLeod
Fox:  Charlie d’Emden, Sophia Vincour

Amongst other activities, these students will lead their House Teams through the coming Cross Country season.


All classes from Prep to Year 5 have an opportunity to lead a ‘LIVE@Elphin’ in coming weeks. Prep-Year 2 classes meet together for a Wednesday morning ‘LIVE’ and Years 3-5 for a Thursday morning session.

For the class leading the session, this is an important learning experience. Through reflecting on and synthesising recent learning topics and experiences in their classroom, and then sharing these with an audience, understanding of key concepts and knowledge is consolidated. Public speaking and other presentation skills are also enhanced through these sessions.

Parents of students in the class leading LIVE are invited to attend their child’s LIVE via an online registration process. LIVE is usually held in the HPEC@Elphin and commences at 8:45am.


Come along and join us for a hot drink at Coffee@Laneway before you head into LIVE@Elphin. We will be serving drinks from 8.00am – 8.45am. It would be great to see you there. Even if you can’t make LIVE@Elphin drop in for a coffee anyway – a great chance to meet and catch up with our families.

Launceston Competitions

A large number of students from Years 3-5 participated in the recent Speech and Drama sections of the 2022 Launceston Competitions. Congratulations to every student who embraced the challenge of speaking or reciting or reading on stage, often solo, to a largely unknown audience.

Particular commendation goes to all who received special awards:

Clarice Kirschbaum was equal first in the memorial trophy awarded for top overall aggregate points for a Year 5 student and also received a special City Council award for artistic excellence.

Year 5 Humorous Recital – Peggy Handbury (3rd place) and Alyx Cetti (Highly Commended)

Year 4 Humorous Recital – Bharati Sundaram (1st Place), Ryan Koirala, Shylee Kurukulauriya, Amelia Turner (eq 2nd), Mya Derbyshire, Holly Knaggs (3rd place), Susie Corfield, Kate Hind, Michaela Kriz, Ruby Lewis, James Grubb, Ziggy Wolf (Highly Commended)

Year 4 Serious Recital

Highly Commended – Shylee Kurukulauriya,

Year 3 Humorous Recital

1st Place – Luka U’Ren, Lucy Kershaw, Highly Commended – Oliver Brunner


Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School