17 June, 2022



‘Learning can happen anywhere anytime. It is a complex process and works differently for every learner. Learning does not occur simply by being exposed to or receiving information. Learning is an act of meaning-making where individuals connect new experiences to existing schema and reflect, process and construct understanding over time. Learning is driven by a sense of purpose, curiosity and ownership. Our relationship with others has a powerful influence on our learning. The social and emotional climate of the classroom has direct impact on learning…. We are still learning about learning and our understanding of it will continue to grow and change over time.’

This snippet from ‘Getting Personal with Inquiry Learning’ (a 2022 publication by Australian researcher and consultant Kath Murdoch) invites us all – teachers, parents, students – to reflect on the nature of learning, particularly in the contemporary school setting but also from a parent-child perspective at home.

What will our homes be like 20 years from now?

This Term all Year 5 students have been immersed in their ‘Habitat for Humanity’ inquiry unit. They have been working in small groups to research, design and construct a house that reflects what they believe will help to meet our lifestyle and environmental requirements 20 years from now. The sense of purpose, curiosity and ownership driving the learning has seen the students engrossed in their work from the moment they walk into the classroom every morning.

Year 5 parents have been invited to view and hear the students share their learning process and outcomes from this work in conneXions on Monday June 27.

Cross Country

The final cross country meeting for Junior School students this season is the Athletics Tasmania State All Schools Championships being held at Symmons Plains on Tuesday 21 June. A team of over 50 runners from Years 3-6 will represent the College at this event.

Thank you to everybody involved with the 2022 Junior School cross country season – all students who have represented their House or the College, all staff involved in coaching, training and organisation, and all parents who have assisted as officials, supported teams or attended as spectators.

Vacation Care

Vacation Care is available for students from Early Learning to Year 6 each day (Monday-Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm) during the July school holiday period. This is based on the Elphin Campus and details of the program, as well as the registration process for attendees, can be found on the College website or obtained from Junior School Reception or the Outside School Hours Care room in the Junior School.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Prep and Year 1 Fun Run!

On Thursday the Prep and Year 1 learning community came together for the Prep and Year 1 Fun Run. This is an exciting annual event that takes the children across the whole of the Elphin Campus in a fun cross-country style run. With their families encouraging and cheering them on and the Year 5 students running with them, all of the Prep and Year 1 children participated showing incredible persistence, sportsmanship, House spirit and athleticism.

Well done to all Prep and Year 1’s! A big thank you to your families, the Year 5’s and the HPE and grounds team for helping make this event so special!

Becca Biggs
Early Primary Coordinator