19 August, 2022


Student Led Conferences

‘Some of the most vital and versatile skillsets we can teach students are the abilities to think about their learning; to be aware of factors that affect their intellectual performance; to know how, when, where and why to use particular cognitive strategies; and to monitor and adjust their performance of learning tasks.’ (from Teaching Students to Drive their Brains, ASCD 2016). These abilities fall under the umbrella of metacognition. Parents attending some recent LIVE@Elphin sessions will have seen examples of metacognitive and reflective thinking in action.

All students from Years 1-5 will lead their parents in a Student Led Conference (SLC) at school on Wednesday 14 September. For Prep students their SLC this year will be based around their Bush Learning in the Cataract Gorge and is on Monday 12 September.

The underlying purpose of SLC’s is the development of metacognitive skills. Alongside this, these sessions are helping build goal setting, planning and organisational skills, communication skills, and self-belief as learners. Through all of the above, knowledge and understanding in subject areas is being consolidated and deepened in this process.

All families with students in these year levels should now have received details of the SLC’s and the process for booking a time for the session with their child. An SLC typically takes about 45 minutes and is based in the student’s classroom. Please ensure that you have the date firmly in your diary and have confirmed an appointment time for the day. This is a special moment in the school year for every student.

Anybody needing additional information can contact the Junior School Office or their child’s class teacher.

Book Week

‘Dreaming with eyes open…’ is the theme for the 2022 Children’s Book Week which is being celebrated in schools this week and next. Book Week aims to inspire and engage children in reading, with Australian children’s literature a particular focus. It is a time for everybody who works and lives with young children, in particular, to make a special effort to go an extra step in sharing and enjoying reading together.

On the Elphin Campus, displays in conneXions, visiting authors and the opportunity to dress as a character from a favourite book are key highlights supplementing class activities for Book Week. Wednesday 24 August is a dress-up day for all EL-5 students.

In addition, for Early Learning Elphin students there is a second dress-up day on Thursday 25 August, and for Early Learning Erina students Tuesday 23 August is ‘reading in the dark’ day.

Prep-Year 2 Parent Literacy Session

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the Literacy session in conneXions this week. Thank you also to the Literacy Teachers in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 who led this session. For families not able to attend, the session has been recorded and can be viewed on The Dash.

Public Speaking

This year’s Public Speaking opportunities for Years 3-5 students commenced with a visit from some Year 11-12 Public Speakers and Mr Phil Crowden from the Riverside Lions Club to our LIVE@Elphin this week. Interested students are able to participate in practice and coaching sessions over the next three weeks and participate in the Lions Public Speaking Competition at the Junior School on Friday 9 September. Full details, including the 2022 speaking topics, are available on the Elphin Campus Cocurricular page on The Dash or by contacting the Junior School Cocurricular Coordinator, Mrs Rachel Buck.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Little Pago

Early learning Elphin students had their first digital author visit this week and were captivated by Lauren Briggs, a young Australian creator reading Little Pago on their screen. We danced and sang along as Little Pago explored the ocean and we connected with ideas of sustainability learning in the classroom. Linking with the Learner Attributes of Compassion and Courage and understanding the positive impact our actions can have on the world around us.

Kylie Brewster
conneXions Teacher

Gus Gordan visits conneXions

Early Learning Erina, plus Prep to Year 5 classes, enjoyed an exciting visit from Gus Gordan, a highly acclaimed Australian author and illustrator. Gus has illustrated many novels and later in his career, has created a collection of award-winning picture books as both the author and illustrator.  Joining us in person from Sydney, Gus delighted audiences by outlining the process of creating his delightful picture books and shared with students the drafting and redrafting development, using his CBCA Picture Book winner Herman and Rosie from 2013 as an example of his work, taking 10 years to create. Using examples of mixed media and collage techniques, he inspired the next generation of daydreaming artists and creators.

Kylie Brewster
conneXions Teacher