9 September, 2022


Student Led Conferences

Students from Prep to Year 5 are looking forward to next week’s Student Led Conferences. Thank you to all parents who have confirmed their appointment time for these.

For Prep, the conferences link to their Bush Learning and will be held from 10.30am on Mondy 12 September in the Cataract Gorge (meet near the playground on the Fairy Dell side).

For all Year 1 -5, the conferences commence in each student’s home classroom at the individually appointed times between 1.00pm and  7.00pm on Wednesday 14 September.

To ensure full focus for child and parents during the conference, we ask that siblings are not present. To support this, siblings are able to be supervised in conneXions between 3.00pm and 6.00pm.

Student Led Conferences are just that – led by the student. These are different to Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences scheduled at other times throughout the year. These provide an important opportunity for students to reflect on and share their own learning progress and highlights, as well as challenges, during the year to date. Consideration of goal achievements and resetting goals for the remainder of the year are important aspects of this time.

Planning, organisational, communication, goal-setting and ‘thinking about thinking one’s own thinking’ are key skills being developed through this process. Metacognitive thinking is central to academic progress and outcomes – high-achieving learners of all ages have strong metacognitive skills.

Best wishes to all students and parents for an enjoyable and productive 2022 Student Led Conference.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

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