From the Middle School


19 June, 2020


Year 8 Forensics

A dead body was discovered lying crumpled on the ground. Blood spatter dripped from the nearby wall, and a piece of metal pipe lay next to the body. Was this a tragic accident, or something more sinister? The Year 8 Forensics teams were sent in to investigate. A clump of hair was found clasped between the victim’s fingers, and a packet of mysterious white powder was found in his pocket. Photos were taken of the scene, the blood spatter patterns were analysed, and the metal pipe was dusted for fingerprints. Records of 000 calls and the bloody footprints at the scene indicated there were three suspects. Back in the lab the hair fibres and fingerprints were analysed, and the powder tested, all of which pointed to one prime suspect.  Students then hauled the suspect in for questioning, and in the face of overwhelming evidence, were able to gain a confession. They now need to decide if they should charge the suspect with murder or manslaughter, and will present their cases in court next week.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students

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