23 June, 2023


Our students ‘Creating the Future’

Recently our Middle School Public Speaking program has been showcasing the ‘fruits of labour’ through several Debating and Public Speaking Competitions. The Year 8 debating team comprised of Imogen Hughes, Gina Kumar, Annie Laws and Lily Murdoch finished third in the inter-school competition. Middle School students have also been sharing their ‘debates of choice’ in Middle School Assemblies.  These public speaking skills highlight the dedication our students place upon their research skills and developing their speaking craft.  The behind-the-scenes preparation and support from Senior student debaters creates a wonderful supportive learning environment.

Recently our youngest debaters have been sharing selected topics that have a personal connection, these have been about: ‘climate change’, ‘the power of time’ and ‘the importance of co-curricular learning’ just to name a few.  These examples of public speaking highlight the passion our students have for their learning, their community, and the capacity for the younger generation to accept the responsibility of the very-changing world in front of them!   Having the courage to present your opinion and thoughts, through respectful research while conveying passion is something that hopefully inspires others to make well informed opinions and to support each other to ensure that our learning environments are dynamic in their collaboration and committed to discovering more about the world around them.


Ben Green
Head of Middle School


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