30 June, 2023



As we approach the end of Term Two, it is a great opportunity to celebrate the learning goals already achieved and then refocus and recharge towards the new aspirations for Semester Two.

This week, on many occasions the Middle School has been celebrating the learning moments that we have had this year, by connecting with our head, heart and/or hands.  Throughout Year 6, 7 and 8 our students have almost endless opportunities to use their learning strengths to continue to build their understanding and knowledge through thinking, making, and creating.  I am very proud of the servant leadership development ever present in our young leaders. The EY8 programs will continue to make a positive impact in and around our region in coming weeks. It is just one example of passion-based learning making a positive difference to so many within our community and throughout the wider regions.

I wish all students, staff, and families a restful mid-year break, a chance to recharge, refocus and then re-join our community in Term Three full of enthusiasm.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School