11 August, 2023


Saying “yes” to new opportunities has been a key theme in the Middle School already this term. During our recent Discovery Day, one of the students touring our Penquite Campus was asked, “Why do you want to come to Scotch Oakburn College?” The student’s answer was a simple one, “… because there are so many opportunities at this school”.

Students in the Middle School have been busy engaging, preparing and planning for the many different activities and projects that are being offered this term in classes or in small groups. Shortly, our Middle School will welcome some Year 8 students from Ivanhoe Grammar, visiting us for two weeks as part of the Round Square Exchange program.


On the evening of Wednesday 23 August, our Year 8 students will showcase their Explore Year 8 (EY8) project that they have been working on since the commencement of Term 2. Servant Leadership is an integral part of their project, where students have been giving back to community, and developing character throughout the process.

Year 8 Camps

Our Year 8 Camps are continuing with students connecting with the Fingal Valley through a local indigenous perspective, and exploring the skills and attitudes needed to engage in successful lightweight bushwalking expedition. Students are encouraged to use the Learner Attributes of being collaborative, curious and effective communicators.

Year 6 Community Connections

Some of our Year 6 students have also been participating in the Junior Lions Public Speaking Events at the Junior School. They have been mentored by senior students to create engaging scripts for their audiences. In coming weeks, Year 6 students will also have the opportunity of interviewing and connecting with Tasmanian Aboriginal Elders based in Launceston.

Year 7 World Peace Game

Last week, Year 7X took part in the weeklong World Peace Game, solving 23 real-world, inter-locked crises to prevent imminent environmental, social and economic damage, in addition to increasing their country’s budget. Students needed to work collaboratively to solve these global problems and achieve peace. We are the only school in Tasmania to provide our students with the opportunity to engage in this world-renowned simulation game.


As part of our SOC2City program, Year 7 students will soon be exploring place and liveability, in our Launceston community, specifically visiting parks and recreational reserves, asking questions such as ‘What makes Launceston liveable?’

These are some of the wonderful opportunities in the Middle School that our students are saying “yes” to.

A reminder to our Year 6 and 8 parents that an email has been sent regarding PSTs on Monday 21 August. We look forward to seeing you then and sharing more about your child’s learning and engagement with new opportunities that are available.

Kiran Oates Pryor
Acting Head of Middle School