Year 6 Chinese

During Term 3, Year 6 students have been studying a ‘Food and Drink’ unit in Chinese. They have been learning common vocabulary, how to express likes/dislikes towards certain food/drink in Chinese language, food culture, how to order in a Chinese restaurant and Chinese eating etiquette. To celebrate students’ achievement and to further develop their understanding and knowledge of Chinese food culture, a special meal was arranged in class. Each student received an individual pre-packed Chinese meal (spring roll, dumpling, chicken stick, fried rice and Asian style cupcake) in an eco-box. Our guest, Mr Hu, demonstrated a Chinese Tea Ceremony. Students enjoyed practising their speaking skills, eating with chopsticks and tasting the Chinese tea.  A special thank you to Mr Hu for the tea and to Wang’s restaurant for the delicious food.

Lei Sun & Doreen Liang

Cows Create Careers

As a part of our Cows Create Careers unit, last week all Year 8 students visited Mr Tom Lindsay’s dairy farm to find out about the processes involved in the dairy industry. We learned about feeding, milking and breeding cows in Tasmania. Thanks to Mr Lindsay from all involved at Scotch Oakburn College.

Lachlan Jenkins
Year 8

Year 7 Bubble Tea Week

In a fun way to end the term, Year 7 enjoyed Bubble Tea week. Bubble Tea was delivered from Chichi Cafe that each student had ordered in Chinese.

Doreen Liang


Student Achievements

The Little Athletics State Cross-Country Championship was held in Campbell Town on Saturday 19 September 2020.  Isabella Shaw (Year 6) won Gold in the 3km Under 13 Girls Cross Country in a time of 11 minutes 27 seconds and Blaise Fitzallen (Year 7) Bronze in the 3km Under 14 Girls Cross Country.

Julie Kemp
Head of Middle School