8 September, 2023


It’s all happening in Year 7

This week, all five Year 7 classes have donned high-vis jackets and headed to Heritage Forest to research how ‘liveable’ this precinct is, as part of our Geography Unit in Humanities.  This excursion enhanced classroom work and all Year 7s are now embarking on a multimodal task in ‘redeveloping’ this local area.

Many thanks to those staff who stepped in with their expertise including Mr Andrew French and Mr Mark Hassell.

On Wednesday 6 September, three of our students participated in the Junior Foundation Oratory – dedicated to Mrs Jenny Fraser OAM  (past Collegian ’74, teacher and a tireless supporter of public speaking for youth).  Miheli Somarathna, Gina Kumar and Abhinav Sundaram courageously stepped up to speak about ‘the spirit of adventure’, ‘reconnecting generations’ and ‘procrastination’ with Gina winning overall.  A warm congratulations to these speakers for using their voices so effectively for positive change.

Katie Lester
Headof Year 7