6 November, 2020


Orientation Day

On Friday, 20 November we will be hosting an Orientation Day for all current Year 6 students, current Year 5 students and new students to the College in 2021.  Students will meet in the HPEC at 8.45am for a 9.00am start.  School will finish on this day at 3.00pm.  Throughout the day, students will be involved in various activities with their House Head, class teacher and other teaching staff.  Students are to wear neat casual clothes (suitable for PE activities) and to bring a hat, morning tea, lunch and water bottle.

Julie Kemp
Head of Middle School

Curriculum/Assessment Day

Friday, 20 November is Curriculum/Assessment Day.  Students in Year 7 & 8 are not required at school on this day.

Julie Kemp
Head of Middle School


Year 6 Head to Hobart

The Year 6 cohort have visited Hobart for our modified Civics and Citizenship trip. We had a delightful stop off at the Ross Bakery, owned and operated by the Lloyd-Bostock family, where we had some delightful treats including some special treats for the teachers! We proceeded to Ross where we explored a Model Village denoting Hobart Town as it looked in the early 1800’s, the Pooseum which is an animal scat museum and did some Heritage sketching on the river. When we arrived in central Hobart we unpacked into our delightful hotel rooms at the Grand Chancellor, then crossed the road for dinner at Mures Restaurant where we devoured a beautiful meal of fish and chips.

The following day we explored the cenotaph, the newly constructed Bridge of Remembrance and Soldiers Memorial Avenue where Miss Kemp had designed an Amazing Race Challenge from the bridge to the Botanical Gardens. The questions were challenging but we learnt a lot on the way! A special treat was our visit to Government House which was very exciting. We met Tasmania’s 28th Governor, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC. She spoke for about 45 minutes about her role, her daily duties and the parts she enjoys the most about being the Governor of Tasmania. We also were allowed to ask a lot of questions…so we did!

After a lot of concentrating and talking in quiet voices, we needed to have a runaround, so we all went to the Botanical Gardens where we had lunch together on the lawn. We then had more clues to find in our race which was fun discovering in the sunshine.

That evening we took the MONA ferry for a dinner cruise and travelled up the Derwent seeing the different developments of Hobart. It was a beautiful evening and one we all enjoyed. Our final day saw us pack up our rooms and make one more special stop off before we left – The Honey Badger Dessert Café! We ordered some amazing treats with the Choc Chip Panookie being the general favourite.

Thank you to Dr Tim Shaw for his support as well as the Year 6 teaching team of Mr Clyde Goosen, Ms Meg Dondas, Mr Andrew Robinson, Mrs Penny Dixon, Mr Rory Walsh and Mr Quinn O’Loughlin, together with Miss Julie Kemp for a wonderful few days away. For a year when we thought any exploration of Civics would be lost due to COVID-19, this exciting experience in our own home state was appreciated earnestly by each business we supported throughout our few days away.

Fiona Auton
Year 6 Coordinator


EY8 Presentation Evening

On Wednesday all Year 8 students presented their EY8 projects to parents and friends.  The evening was filled with students answering questions about their projects, explaining their goals and showcasing their final products.  The final products were outstanding, ranging from magazines, cook books, clocks and benches, to letters from around the world talking about experiences during COVID-19.  While many of the Year 8s found their projects challenging this year, they persevered, problem solved and achieved some amazing outcomes.

Julie Kemp
Head of Middle School


Year 6 and 7 Student Led Conferences

As part of the reporting process, students in Year 6 and Year 7 will be holding their Student Led Conferences from Monday 16 November to Friday 22 November at home.  Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions placed on schools, the new format offers more flexibility for parents to hold the interview in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits each family.  Over much of this year, but particularly this term, your child has been developing and selecting work for their personal Portfolio to present at this conference. The conference plays an important role in assisting your child to become an active, engaged, and self-directed learner. Parents and guardians are required to complete a feedback sheet and return to the teacher by Monday, 23 November.  Further communication and instructions will be communicated to Year 6 and Year 7 families.

Julie Kemp
Head of Middle School


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