29 September, 2023


Year 6 Chinese Restaurant Lunch Visit

Year 6 Chinese classes had a lunch visit to Me Wah Restaurant this Tuesday and Wednesday as part of their Chinese cultural experience. Each student practised ordering food in Chinese at the restaurant and enjoyed an authentic feast.

The Year 6s demonstrated great respect and manners. Most importantly, their cultural awareness was observed and practised throughout the lunch. For example, inviting teachers to sit in the most respectful seats, pouring tea for each other, taking turns for shared dishes and respectfully using chopsticks, to name a few. Many were also brave enough to have a lovely interaction with the Chinese-speaking staff.

An experience like this really enhances students’ intercultural understanding and their language learning passion. It also reminds our students how learning a language can be realistic and useful in the real world.

Lutong Cordell

Student Achievements

Layla Dyson-Oliver (Year 10), Lila Sims (Year 8), Macie Robertson(Year 8), Liv Dyson-Oliver (Year 8) and  Mia Green (Year 10) attended a vibrant national dance competition in Sydney last weekend. The Dance Life Unite competition is for the top troupe performers in the country in the Under 16 and Open age group categories. Having qualified at regionals recently, the group travelled with their dance studio, DA34, and other students where they achieved placings in the top three across most of their routines, which included hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and lyrical genres.

Ben Marsland
Deputy Principal – Penquite