26 October, 2023


Le Cambriolage (The Heist)

On Tuesday, the Year 8 students of French were treated to a very special activity. The school hosted an escape game in French organised by the University of Melbourne.

For the first time, Le Cambriolage (the Heist) and its van are visiting Tasmania.

Students were challenged to find what was stolen and how, thanks to clues, codes and their ingenuous sense of deduction. It was a good opportunity for our students to showcase their vocabulary skills in an authentic context.

Each group of students had to go through a cleverly engineered suitcase full of hidden clues, traps,  decoys and deception to understand and solve conundrums in French so they could find what was stolen. Another part of the game was the van which was another enigma in itself.

This was quite a challenge and our students worked very hard to decipher all the puzzles and they had great fun.

Thanks to the University of Melbourne, Sarah and Bianca, the facilitators who gave us this great special opportunity. C’était genial!

Find out more in this article from the Examiner – ‘Le Cambriolage’, a unique take on French language learning arrives in Tassie | The Examiner | Launceston, TAS

Stephanie Morris and Fabrice Dauchez
Teachers of French

Student Achievements

Last week, Year 7 students Solly Boyle and Diego Munoz Lagos travelled to Victoria with Football Tasmania as part of the North/North West Under 13 team, competing in the Shepparton Cup.

They played five games in the tournament, drawing the first four and losing the fifth game 2:1.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

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