10 November, 2023


World Peace Games in Action Once Again

Year 7Y students have extricated themselves from economic, social and environmental crises and the threat of imminent war during the World Peace Games last week! This program is a popular and highly engaging hands-on political simulation – experiential learning at its best.

Students learn to work together to gain a greater understanding of how to prevent a country from dangerous circumstances and achieve global prosperity without too much military intervention.

By the end of the week, 7Y students were exhausted but thrilled to be part of such chaos and creativity.

Special thanks to Mrs Evie Burk who is one of a team of staff who have skilled themselves up to facilitate such a wonderful learning opportunity for our Year 7s.  We have one more class to go this year – 7Z – who will be ably facilitated by Mrs George Routley later this term.

Katie Lester
Head of Year 7

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