26 February, 2021


Fire up the Learning within!

Leadership development takes place through multiple mechanisms…formal instructions, set work tasks/challenges, 360-degree feedback, executive coaching, and self-directed learning to name a few.  These approaches may occur independently but are far more effective in combination.

So how do we achieve this with our Middle School learners?  An example of these mechanisms and a definite highlight this week was the ‘learning buzz’ around the Year 7 Leadership Development Program, coached and enabled by Mr Bo Power and Mr Simon Dray.

Students analysed the ‘key ingredients’ to leadership.  Including:

  • Celebrating Diversity (embracing diverse ideas and thinking),
  • Clear communication methods,
  • Understanding our ourselves (our personal strengths, traits and characteristics),
  • Role clarity. What is my responsibility in the team? What am I expected to be capable of?

They were then inspired by a SOC2City ‘Master Chef Challenge’ with a difference!  The challenge included creating a gourmet Enviro Burger, considering your team members taste buds and the judge’s expectations.  The ‘gold within’ this learning was witnessing, listening and feeling the ‘buzz’ of learning, as students actively accepted the ideas (the ingredients), ensured that communication methods were supportive, roles were accepted and students held each other capable.  This type of learning is an example of blending self-directed expectations in a collaborative setting, enabling a culture of learning together.  The bonus was some amazing gourmet creations!

In conclusion, we must not tell our students how to do things, we must tell them what to do and let them surprise us with their results or outcomes.  I wish all Year 7 students a successful week ahead of leadership and learning next week with both the Education Outdoors Program and the SOC2City experience in full flight.  I challenge all students to think about this statement:  be the kind of leader you would like to follow.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Yumi Orihara visits the College

Last week some Japanese classes were lucky enough to have Ms Yumi Orihara, the Japanese language assistant based in Hobart, in class with them.

For some students, this was the first occasion to have spoken with a native speaker of Japanese and this required a certain amount of courageousness on their part.  Foreign language acquisition takes time, but the rewards are certainly worth it.  Small consistent steps along the way make for effective communicators in the long run.  Some students were curious to know certain aspects of Japan and Japanese culture, and Yumi welcomed these questions.

Overall it proved to be an excellent opportunity for students to activate their listening and speaking skills in Japanese.  Students also tried their hand at some calligraphy.

Jenny Banbury


Year 7 Food and Fibre

Year 7W is off to a tremendous start with their food-based learning. This term focuses on The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, learning about what we should eat for good health, including growth and wellness, how much we should eat and what that looks like.

Practical workshops are off to a wonderful start with students learning about and exploring a range of cooking methods, embedding cultural influences from varying cuisines, making foods from a range of food groups, and using a variety of kitchen based technology. The menu so far has included Crunchy Choc-Chip Biscuits (a major favourite over the decades!), Fancy Fried Rice, Spaghetti Bolognaise & this week, Kangaroo Burgers. The remaining practical lessons will see students make Cinnamon Doughnut Puffs, Nourish Bowls & Mixed Fruit Crumble.

For home learning, each student completes a practical evaluation that allows our learners to think about thinking. This means not just thinking about what they liked and didn’t like, but why this was the case. Does it have to do with the flavours, the textures, the aromas? And if so what texture? was is crunchy, smooth, chewy etc.

All students are doing a fabulous job working in the space, and are encouraged to cook at least once a week at home to continue improving their skills.

This class is also currently undergoing a research-based task which looks at diet analysis of their own food consumption throughout a week of eating all meals and snacks, and then, comparing their nutritional intake against the recommendations of The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

I congratulate 7W on their organised and focused start to learning.

Lauren Knight


Maths Homework Club

Students in Year 6-8 are invited to join our Maths Homework Club starting next week.  Sessions will run Monday 3.30pm – 4.30pm on Week A and Wednesday 3.30pm – 4.40pm on Week B.  Parent must book in their child/ren by contacting Middle School reception.

Anna Waites
Head of Mathematics and Science

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