19 March, 2021


Learning and thriving in an imperfect world!

This week, a Master Chef Burger Challenge was led by Year 7 as part of their Leadership Development program. TCE students were invited as guests and judges (pictured above).

Also this week, all Year 6 and 7 students have been immersed in final preparations for major outdoor learning experiences ahead of them.  For the Year 6 students, three days exploring southern Tasmania awaits them!  Connecting to their key questions, how local and state governments enact democratic systems and also connecting to historic moments in Tasmania and how they influenced our present.   For our Year 7 Dean and Nance students, the excitement of Education Outdoors at the Valley Campus is obvious to see.  The pinnacle of this program is the  ‘survival night’ in the State Reserve Forest. For Year 7 Briggs and Fox students, the SOC2City experience is ahead of them, their key focus is to gain a greater understanding of the liveability of Launceston while learning within a city University campus!

A bigger educational goal through these opportunities is to learn in an imperfect world, to accept the challenge, to embrace the need for a benefit mindset.  I am proud that our Middle School students are provided with the chance to test their persistence, their tenacity and their understanding of learning through making mistakes.  This view or perspective is important to measure, and as the saying goes “it is ok not to be ok”.  It is ok to be grumpy sometimes, to have bad days, to struggle, to make errors, to say the wrong thing, to feel overwhelmed, to feel under pressure, to feel unappreciated, to be out-of-sorts, and to be sort-of-over-it-all.  It’s okay for us ‘big’ humans and it is okay for our ‘little’ humans too. After all, we are all human, right?  How else will our little humans learn that it is okay to be human? Remember, we are imperfect, growing imperfect humans, in an imperfect world and that is perfectly okay! We can all try to do better, and also accept ourselves for who we are right now.

As we approach the last few weeks of a very busy Term, I encourage all big and little humans to be kind to themselves and others, as we learn far more from our mistakes than our successes.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


SATIS Swimming

This week we wish every member of the SATIS Swimming team, every success in pursuing personal bests.  I encourage the team to keep encouraging each other, as the possibilities of a team working together far out weight the success of individuals.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Da Vinci decathlon

Congratulations to our Middle School Da Vinci decathlon teams, who have been creativity learning and responding to challenges in preparation for this week’s State Final in Hobart.  We look forward to them sharing their learnings in the coming days.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Year 8 Digital Media

In Year 8 Digital Media students are busy creating montage self-portraits and GIF animations in Photoshop. The projects are designed to develop student’s design and communication skills, as well as their ability to help each other learn in a collaborative environment. Students reflect their interests in their design content and work to fulfil briefs that extend their technical skills and creative thinking.

Carmel Dilger


Student Achievements

There were many competitors from the College at the recent Tasmanian State Long Course Swimming Championships.  From Middle School, we were advised of some great achievements from Seton Brock (Year 6), Samuel Fischer (Year 6), Imogen Hughes (Year 6), Isla Irani (Year 6), Taylor Brock (Year 8), Atlan Devin (Year 8), Mia Irani (Year 8), Bella Muldoon (year 8), Sam Mulford (Year 8), John Skipper (Year 8). Their medal results and names of other participating Middle School swimmers are available here – Middle School Achievements – State Long Course Swimming Championships. Bella and Taylor have also qualified for the 2021 Age National Championships. Congratulations to all swimmers.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

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