9 April, 2021


Challenge yourself, leave your comfort zone and be more!

As we approach the Term break, it presents a wonderful opportunity to use your holidays wisely.  Firstly take time to reconnect with your home, family and friends.  Through this, take time to reflect upon your achievements from Term 1 and reset for Term 2.  Some may think that holidays are a chance to escape the rigour of learning, my advice is to set a new challenge and extend yourself to try a new pursuit.  Holidays often present you with more time for new things, so grab it, try to find the gold within a new venture and connect to your passion and interests.  Importantly, learning is not just something that we do or have done to us, it is in what we question, what we create and what we wonder about.  Over the next two weeks, I challenge all Middle School students to leave their comfort zone by changing their daily routine, try a new hobby, set a major goal, say ‘yes’ more, have a positive mindset, live with gratitude and explore more.

All of these recommendations link strongly to our Middle School motto; #bemore!  I am excited about the possibilities ahead of us.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Parent/Student/Teacher meeting Year 8-12

A reminder that information has been emailed to parents with their child’s progress reports for Parent/Student/Teacher meetings for Years 8-12 on Tuesday 27 April. Parents of Year 7 students are also able to make an appointment with their child’s language teachers, should they wish.


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