18 June, 2021


Holding learners capable

In recent weeks I have had reflective conversations with a professional educational mentor.  A comment to me that stands out is ‘I hold you capable’!  What a positive way to view our goals, aspirations and responsibilities.  The importance of believing in yourself has no endpoint, you never have it fully mastered!  We (all students, staff and parents) must continue to find ways to learn, to connect and to achieve.  At the core, it is more than just a responsibility to complete a task or finish a test, it is the development of an ‘appetite’ to accept the challenge, make it into an opportunity and continuously improve.  For many students, long term goals can be vague and become ‘cloudy’. The importance is to develop daily habits towards the goal, just like guideposts along the side of our roads as we drive towards our destination or goal.  For our Middle School students, I do believe in their ability and encourage them all to keep developing self-confidence to accept the challenges as an opportunity, as this is the true meaning of holding you capable!

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Ration Challenge

I participated in the Ration Challenge so that I could not just say, “I feel bad for how tough it is for refugees.” Instead, I wanted to show true empathy for refugees and all those experiencing hardship. This experience has opened my eyes more than I could say.

It is tremendously difficult to fully understand the emotional impact refugees experience daily. Refugees do not have the luxury of saying to themselves, “two days to go until I can go back to normal food.” They live in a world wondering where their next daily meal will come from. Ask yourself, how would you cope in this situation? This is unthinkably unfair. It is unfair that I can just know that I have breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert on some nights and they have to live with the burden of not knowing if they will eat at all.

I learnt that I am privileged. I also learnt that my rations are important. Like when I burnt my breakfast. That breakfast was two meals worth of rations and because I was not paying attention, I burnt it, and from this experience, I realised that I could not just get more rice and start over; those rations had to be cut out. I will definitely participate in the Ration Challenge next year and I encourage others to do it too, because not only do you learn valuable lessons about life, but you also get to make a monumental difference to someone who needs it most.

Erin Grubert
Year 7

Dragon Boat Festival

What a coincidence that the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival fell on the same day of Queen’s Birthday this year on this past Monday. In Week 7 and 8, all our Year 7 students, some of our Year 6s and 8s, as well as our Preps and Year 1s enjoyed a cultural lesson about Dragon Boat Festival. We learned the traditions, customs, popular events and some relevant vocabulary about this festival.

More excitingly, our Middle School students had their first try tasting the sticky rice balls (Zongzi), which is regarded as a “must-have” iconic food to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival each year. For most of our students, it was their first experience dealing with natural bamboo leaves and to “disassemble” Zongzi. They seemed to enjoy the extremely sticky texture of Zongzi. “It was an interesting taste, I actually don’t hate it, not too bad”, was their initial feedback to this cultural food.

The sticky rice balls were time consuming to make (over 6 hours) and the students were very appreciative of the time spent to enhance their linguistic and cultural learning.

Doreen Liang


NJISSA Cross Country

Twelve Year 6 students along with students from the Junior School in Years 3-5, represented the College at the NJISSA Cross Country on Wednesday 16 June at Winsor Park. Scotch Oakburn College finished second overall behind Sacred Heart, won the Girls Age Group categories Year 3 and Year 5 and Boys Year 4.

In the Year 6 Girls event, our students ran very well and were just beaten by Sacred Heart in Age Group overall. Congratulations to Chloe Horsman who won the Year 6 Age Group, closely followed by Liv Dyson-Oliver in second place with Kayla Flood 13th, Isla Irani 14th, Imogen Hughes 15th and Eva Shaw 16th.

In the Year 6 Boys event we also did very well with Ben Giasli finishing 4th, Josh Forbes-Young 19th, Seton Brock 20th, Samuel Fischer 25th and Seb Vincour 34th.

Next up for our Primary students is the Tasmanian All Schools Cross Country at Symmons Plains next Tuesday 22 June. We wish all our competitors the very best next week.

Jamie Breden

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