25 June, 2021


Pursue your passions

I wish all Middle School students and families a wonderful Term break.  This provides you with the chance to recharge and reset for the opportunities ahead in Semester 2.  I encourage students to continue to consider others and how they can make a positive contribution to our community, even while on holidays!  Holidays also provide a time to disconnect, to recharge and to set new goals (or amend previous ones).  On the topic of disconnecting, I strongly encourage all families to have time away from technology and devices, spend more time talking, creating and exploring; you will notice the benefits!

Holidays are also a great time to try a new pursuit, this could be the start of a new passion, but you won’t know unless you try!  Brain research highlights that deeper learning occurs when we have multiple connections or combined sensory involvement.  Passions are this.  They connect us emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.  Throughout the Middle School, we encourage the link between passions and learning. In many cases, it is learning from these passions that help make sense of concepts and big questions!

To our Year 8 students (our Middle School leaders) the upcoming holidays are a fantastic opportunity to gain further momentum (and understanding) with their EY8 project.  An opportunity to spend time learning with and from their mentor, or creating their learning journal so that later in Term 3, we can all enjoy a Celebration of Learning with the EY8 Presentation Evening, scheduled for Wednesday 15 September (Week 9).

Congratulations to our Middle School Community on a great Term, as we continue to #bemore!

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Giving HOPE – Ration Challenge 2021

Hundreds of thousands of refugees find themselves in a world not of their making. Waking up each day, wondering where the next meal will be coming from…

Act for Peace’s Ration Challenge provided an opportunity for the Scotch Oakburn community to make a small difference in helping some of these refugees.

Over 100 students from the Middle School and Senior School participated in this year’s challenge, raising $36965.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all participants for your amazing contribution. A special thank you to parents for supporting their child through the challenge – I know it could not have been easy.

Clyde Goosen

Eva Cetti’s Ration Challenge Diary (Year 6)

Day 0: I opened my ration pack today. I was really surprised at what I saw. I did not know it was going to be this basic. I was ready for the challenge.

Day 1: Breakfast: In the morning of the first day of the ration challenge, I made a flatbread with flour and water, NO SALT!  Jossie, my youngest sister asked my dad if we were refugees  (I think she gets confused between immigrant and refugee).

Lunch: I had 1 flatbread ☹. My friends started teasing me about not having proper food in my lunchbox, they showed me the delicious food in their lunchboxes – I was so jealous. Suddenly, I felt so hungry, I could not bear to look at it, so I walked away. When mum came to pick me up, I was GRUMPY! She had a small bowl of rice for me, and that was it – it is going to be a long few days…

Read Eva’s full three-day diary here – Eva Ration Challenge Diary

Take home message from Eva –

I learnt a lot about myself throughout the challenge. It has taught me to appreciate what I have while also allowing me to experience the challenges faced by so many refugees. The word EMPATHY is one that I will keep close to my heart so that I never forget how lucky I am.


EY8 Project – Angus Scott

My EY8 project is a Book Drive.  I’m seeking donations of books that are in good condition that people no longer need in their homes.  I plan to then rehome these books into areas around our state that don’t have as many donations on a regular basis.

I’m hoping that people might have the opportunity over the holiday break to clean out their bookshelves and bring along their donations next term.

Angus Scott  
Year 8 

EY8 – Winter Wickets


Year 8 Artwork in the city

The 2020 Year 8 Draw, Paint, Print class participated in the Electric Botany project, which asked students to create illustrations in response to the work of Margaret Stones. We just got word today that their work has been installed on the traffic signal box on the corner of St Johns St and York St, and doesn’t it look fantastic! Thanks to Launceston City Council for inviting school students to be part of this initiative.

Carmel Dilger

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