23 July, 2021


From being Included to Belonging!

Welcome to an exciting term of learning and connecting.  We all have an opportunity and a responsibility to aim for greater achievements as the Term unfolds.  This comes from the solid foundations made from Semester One.  During the Term break, I was thrilled to receive several messages of support and congratulations for our Middle School students contributing to the community as part of their EY8 projects.  I look forward to sharing some of these in the coming weeks; so too the EY8 learning celebration in the Middle School on Wednesday 15 September from 5.00pm – 7.00pm.

One of our College’s Learner Attributes is Inclusivity. The importance of being included, valued and developing a sense of belonging has never been more important as our world around us changes so rapidly. As we all adjust and learn to learn in uncertain times, the focus upon social and emotional wellbeing is critical.  No matter who you are in our learning community you all deserve the feeling of  ‘belonging’.  This is when we have loyal, respectful friendships and when we are known for our personal characteristics by many.  This feeling of belonging is not from a one-off effort, it is continuous and mutual.

In connecting to the following quote from Jackson Brown Jnr; “remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”.  Belonging is when you give, in fact, it is when you are prepared to give before you receive.  Belonging is not the number of ‘likes’ you may receive on a social media platform, nor the number of ‘views’ your posts receives, belonging is a true interaction that includes heart and consciousness. We as parents, teachers, mentors and community members need to lead by example so our students can see and feel how belonging works!

For Middle School, we have the chance to build this sense of belonging every day of every Term.  It is what will make our learners take risks with their learning, strive for personal bests and ensure the continued development of a vibrant and committed team.


Ben Green
Head of Middle School  

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