3 March, 2023


Valley Life

What a memorable week in the life of our Valley Campus, with the first-ever full Year 7 Education Outdoors Program.  The purpose was to pursue the College’s Learner Attributes in the real world. The Valley Campus creates wonderful connections to historic events, coastal beaches, gold mine sites, challenging high ropes and scientific investigations into the water health of nearby dams, creeks and the South Esk River.  The Valley Life program, enables personal and social connections through community living and learning, supporting peers and staff to ensure that the community survives and thrives!

Thank you to our Education Outdoors staff for the connections to our Learner Attributes, to our Year 7 staff, especially our Head of Year 7 Mrs Katie Lester, Year 7 mentors and our Middle School Counsellor, Mrs Keiran Oates-Pryor for a superb week of guidance and wellbeing support.

Year 6 Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

This week we welcome our Year 6 community for Parent-Student-Teacher conference to set learning goals and commit learning actions for 2023.  This cyclic-three-way learning partnership enables a great foundation for future learning success in 2023.

Year 6 Education Outdoors Packing Day

On Wednesday, our Year 6 students will enjoy the opportunity to prepare for their Coastal Explorer’s Program.  This preparation day is the start of the learning connections for this fantastic four-day, three-night program at the Valley Campus, including surging and beach activities on the East Coast.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School