20 August, 2021


Empathy starts with me!

Earlier this week, a key message to all Middle School students was around the concept or big idea ‘what is normal, isn’t normal’!

The focus was on empathy and acceptance of difference.  Opening our minds, our eyes and our hearts to diverse thinking, cultures and beliefs will create a more collaborative world.  Our young learners have an opportunity to be more accepting and empathic to each other, being aware that the definition of ‘normal’ is more open for dialogue than in previous generations, understanding that learning from each other is a gift and that we can approach problems and people with difference as an opportunity.

This year in the Middle School our motto is #bemore; this is focused upon the whole person.  Being more in an academic self, a social and emotional setting and as a contributor to our community and beyond.  Part of this is to accept and celebrate difference.  For this to occur, empathy must come from within, it needs to be role modelled as well as celebrated and courageously encouraged.  I believe that we can all ‘#be more’ in regards to being empathic, not being quick to judge or assume but rather support, listen and encourage.  Living and learning in a highly connected, technology rich world, we must all think, pause and support random acts of kindness, support the ‘champions of community values’ and celebrate the individual ‘norms’ for every student to grow.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Year 8 Leaders

Congratulations to the following Year 8 Peer Leaders for Term 3, commencing Monday 23 August

Briggs – Rhys Wilkin, Atlan Devin, Taylor Brock

Dean – Sam Mulford, Madeline Mitchell, Iona Hamilton

Fox – Angus Green, Fletcher Wagner, Ava Napier

Nance – Quinn Elliott, Alexandra Purchase, Eva Paech

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


Shrek the Musical

Congratulations to all of the students involved with the success of Shrek the Musical.  The whole community is looking forward to the production, a celebration of creativity and collaboration on stage!

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


Parent – Student – Teacher Conferences Year 7 Families

On Monday 30 August, I am looking forward to the three-way learning conversations for the Year 7 community.  These conferences provide insight to celebrating a learning goal and also a future focus for Semester Two.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


2022 Middle School Information Evening

2022 Year 6 and Year 7 Information evening is Wednesday 8 September. All Year 6 families are invited to a presentation commencing at 6.00pm in Helix, while the 2022 Year 7 family presentation commences at 7.00pm, also in Helix.  The evening will outline key learning moments for 2022 and include an introduction to pastoral care leaders and a tour of the Middle School.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


This week Years 7 & 8 girls played a friendly game of football against Launceston Church Grammar School. We enjoyed fine weather and great skills from both teams. SOC girls scored 12 goals and were able to build their teamwork skills and encourage girls who had not played before. Thanks to Mr Foot and Mr Mckendrick for organising and coaching on the day.

Fiona Taylor
Person-in-Charge of Girls Football

Student Achievements

Addison Brumby (Year 7) and Maya Martin (Year 9) competed in the State Junior Road Championships at Bishopsbourne recently.

Addison won a silver in the U15 girls and Maya, bronze in the U17 girls.

Both girls are planning to also compete in the All-Schools Road Championships at Symmons Plains 28 August.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

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