17 September, 2021


EY8 …Explore Year 8!

Exploring, engaging, exciting and excellence are just a few ‘Es’ to highlight the EY8 showcase for 2021.

This week, the Middle School was a buzz of community connections when our Middle School leaders displayed their three-month learning journey.  One of many highlights was the obvious pride in each student and mentor as the audience travelled throughout the Middle School expo of learning projects.  The EY8 projects certainly highlighted the learning passions, community mindedness and dedication towards servant leadership.

On behalf of the Middle School teaching team, congratulations to all students and mentors on so many wonderful life-long memories being formed.  The next step is to ensure that our students keep giving to their projects, their community and to their mentors to ensure a true legacy of learning is created.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


Year 6 Education Outdoors – Parent Information Evening

We are looking forward to highlighting the learning program for the upcoming Year 6 Education Outdoors program at the Parent Information Evening.  This will be hosted in the Year 6 learning studios from 6.30pm.  A presentation from Education Outdoors teacher Mr Steve Jacobs and a chance to meet the College’s new Director of Education Outdoors, Mr James Adams, will ensure insightful information about the upcoming program.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

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