26 November, 2021


Commitment is the key!

As we come towards the end of a very successful year, it is important that we reflect upon “What ingredients are consistent for success?” Success in this reflection is based on the achievement of learning goals.  One consistent ingredient regardless of age or perceived ability is ‘commitment’.  Commitment can be found in plentiful volumes at the commencement of something, however, as the pursuit of a learning goal progresses through the year, those who are more committed achieve more, those who accept that ‘it is just too hard’ don’t quite make it to their goal.

For us all, learning is a life-long investment, it is never complete.  Therefore, accepting and gaining skills in the development of commitment is definitely part of the Middle School learning approach.  I have been using the term ‘holding yourself capable’, as often in times of challenge we can look outside for help, when we first need to look inside and remain 100% committed.  We all have a great opportunity during the last weeks of 2021 to keep aspiring for our goals, be committed as an individual or as a team member in our summer sports rosters, performing in Middle School Bands and Choirs, showcasing our Performing Arts, or assisting with the preparations for 2022.  I am sure you will enjoy the rewards that commitment brings, it is certainly one of the ‘keys’ to success.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

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