11 February, 2022


Sun, Surf, Sand

This week the Year 6 students enjoyed the first Coastal Explorer’s Program with an East Coast flavour!  In keeping with past Year 6 Education Outdoors programs, the connection to coastal environments is core to developing a sense of belonging to place and recognising opportunities and responsibilities living on our island state. Thank you to our staff, casual instructors and experts from Coastrider Surf Academy. They have enabled our Year 6 students the chance to enjoy the opportunity to learn more about beginner surf techniques and given many the courage to try a new skill.  Throughout the program the key Scotch Oakburn Learner Attributes; Effective Communication and Inclusivity, were showcased in the day to day operations of ‘camp life’.  Learning to work together to prepare meals, pack day packs, tent site preparation, orienteering, bush walks, cleaning and canoeing are just some of the environments that enabled our students and staff to learn more about each other and connect as a community.

House Swimming Carnival

In the week ahead, our Middle School students will have the chance to participate, contribute and support each other in their first House Competition for 2022.  For Year 7 and 8 students the carnival will be on Thursday 17 February at the Launceston Aquatic Centre. The Year 6 students carnival will be on Friday 18 February at the Elphin Campus pool.  Both of these programs are being managed in accordance with our College Return to School Plan.  Unfortunately for this year we are unable to have parents or spectators to these events.  Full details of the program are available on The Dash. Any questions please email Mr Ali Foot, Head of Sport

What is your highlight?

Often we ask the same question, everyday!  “How was your day?”  Our typical response is good.  Or “What did you do today?”  Our typical response is not much. Teaching and learning with a thinking skill set requires us to think more deeply about the type of question we ask. A productive tip is to make your question more curious in its delivery and intent.  Like, “I wonder what your high was today?”  or “Who did you help today, so they had a better day, and how do you know this?”  Recently, I shared a reading about staying curious. It highlighted that we should always find new ways to learn and link prior knowledge with new possibilities.  This reading, or approach applies to all ages and learners.  I look forward to hearing and learning interesting new questions amongst our learning community.

Year 7 Immunisation Forms

Today all Year 7 students will bring home an Immunisation Form which needs to be completed and returned to Middle School Reception by Monday 28 February 2022. This form, must be completed regardless of whether your child will be having the immunisation at school or not.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


Man Choir

Middle School Choir and Man Choir will be starting next week, Week 2. Middle School Choir will be rehearsing on Tuesday lunchtimes (1.00pm – 1.40pm) and Man Choir will be rehearsing on Thursday lunchtimes (1.00pm – 1.40pm), both in the Horton Auditorium. This year, both Choirs will be directed by me and Miss Sian Parry.

Anyone interested in joining either choir, the first rehearsal will be an information session where we can discuss our plans for the year and what joining the choir means with regards to your commitment. All students who wish to be involved must attend. Those unable to attend please let either Miss Parry or me know via email.

For anyone who has never sung in a choir before, we’d love to have you join us at the first rehearsal. Give it a go! Choir is open to everyone and anyone to attend.

Andy Prideaux
Performing Arts Teacher

Fantastic Mr Fox Auditions

Fantastic Mr Fox will be performed in the Horton Auditorium on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 May. This timeless classic has been adapted to the stage by playwright David Wood.

Our Director, Miss Evie Chalk, will be holding auditions during lunchtimes in Week 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday. More details to follow on the Middle School Production Dash page in the Co-curricular Penquite section.

If you have any questions, please talk to Miss Chalk, Mrs Kathryn Gray or myself.

Andy Prideaux
College Productions Coordinator