31 March, 2022


“Humility is not thinking of yourself as less, but it is thinking less about yourself.” (C.S LEWIS)

A key reason for our College’s focus upon leaner attributes is to continue to develop the interpersonal skills and community mindedness throughout all of our learning opportunities.

The value in being kind, compassionate and helpful can not always be measured or immediately visible but the ripple effect and impact through a group, a team, a friendship, a class is all linked to creating a culture of giving, starting from thinking of others.

During this week our Year 7 students have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities to camp in various settings at the Valley Campus.  Camping is a great test of humility as the roles for a successful Education Outdoors relies on one another thinking of each other!

I look forward to seeing these aspects of thinking of others continue to ripple throughout the Middle School in the last two weeks of term.

Lost property

Please make sure you check The Dash Lost Property page for named and unnamed property items that have been handed in. Visit Middle reception to collect items.

Ben Green
Middle School