8 April, 2022


Teamwork, always a ‘works’ in progress!

This week throughout the Middle School a focus has been about the connection to ‘teamwork’.  The Inter-School House Athletics Carnival provided the tune in moment for our community.  As according to former NBA Championship Coach and Author on Teamwork, Phil Jackson, “the strength of the team is each individual member.  The strength of each individual team member is the team.”

Therefore, teamwork is never mastered, it is always reflective of key attributes, respect, trust, effort, determination and care.  Importantly these lessons or experiences from the track and field can be transferred into the formal learning setting, as we define collaboration, curiosity and being ethical, are all aspects of being a team member.

I wish to congratulate the Middle School students on their commitment to their House during the carnival. The spirit and commitment to personal bests are a great example to apply into all aspects of learning.

As teamwork is always evolving, please consider this important message about selflessness, “Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrenderer the Me for the We.”  Phil Jackson.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School