10 June, 2022


Learning the ‘art’ of giving!

The Reggio Emilia pedagogical approach is founded on the understanding that we learn through 100’s of ‘languages’.  This is true for the young and more mature learner; it is a lifelong concept.  If we reflect on our preferred learning, it most likely originates from our strengths, our interests, that then become our passions and for some an area of mastery.  From this, we further develop the attributes to ‘try’ new pursuits.  One of ‘languages’ that is throughout all phases of learning, is the language of ‘giving’.  Giving in terms of giving time, being present, listening, encouraging and being yourself!

During the past week, many potential new 2023 Middle School families have been visiting and meeting our community in readiness for the transition to Scotch Oakburn. A key focus on these meetings is the thinking towards, ‘what will you give to our community?’ and  ‘what strengths do you have that will positively impact others?’.

Recently the Middle School learning opportunities have been reflective of giving, with our Year 8 leaders, focusing upon ‘servant leadership’ projects with their EY8 concepts.  These concepts are being designed to also raise the awareness of giving to others.  There are so many examples that will shine brightly in our community and beyond in the coming weeks and months, all based on the art of giving!


Ben Green
Head of Middle School