5 August, 2022


Engagement in Learning

Engagement in Learning is a reference to the level of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and passion that students display in their learning.  Often this is referred to as a ‘thirst for learning’ or community vibe!  The following examples are just some of the weekly opportunities that provide learning ‘engagement’ within the Middle School:

Minecraft Monday – interactive Virtual World Games in Da Vinci 2 Studio, facilitated by Mrs Hughes

Tuneful Tuesday – Middle School Choir Members collaborating with Senior Choir Groups in the Performing Arts Centre, facilitated by Ms Parry and Mr Prideaux

Welding Wednesday – hands-on workshop experiences for the makers of our Middle School in the Design Technology Centre, facilitated by Mr Nicholls and Mr Dobson

Thursday Thinkers – Australian Maths Trust Problemo, Mathematical challenges, facilitated by Mrs Tattersall

Our Middle School students also have weekly lunchtime learning engagement opportunities with Public Speaking Sessions, Creative Writing Clubs, Impromptu Singing/Busking, Sports/Fitness training, library monitoring and a Makers Club.  All of these are aimed at ‘hooking-in’ the learners, helping students find their passion and their tribe so that their overall wellbeing (social, emotional and cognitive) development is enhanced by an ever-growing sense of positive self-esteem and resilience.

I encourage every student to keep trying these opportunities as he benefits maybe just life-long!

Hot Choc & Chat

Today was the inaugural Middle School Chaplaincy CONNECT Initiative ‘Hot Choc & Chat’.  Our Year 8 students enjoyed an early morning Hot Chocolate in the Middle School Café.  This is a weekly event throughout Semester Two, rotating each Middle School Year Level to celebrate a positive week, supported by Rev Grace and me.  The aim is to encourage conversation and further develop a sense of connection and belonging for all.


Ben Green
Head of Middle School