12 August, 2022


Reward comes from effort – EY8

The evidence is clear that the students who apply effort are more often than not the students who enjoy the reward.  The definition of ‘reward’ in this sense isthe development of self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence”.

As all Year 8 students enter the last four weeks of their EY8 Projects it is time to celebrate the effort of themselves or their peers and look forward to the positive impact of the personal reward that comes with servant leadership projects. For mentors of these projects, you will see firsthand this development, or not, based on the Learner Attribute of TenacitySomething that is worthwhile takes effort to achieve. The lifelong learnings in the EY8 Projects will hopefully provide motivation for continued passion-based projects in the future from our students that will make a positive difference to our local communities and beyond!


Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Year 8 Round Square Exchanges

After a two-year hiatus, it is wonderful to share that the Year 8 Round Square exchanges have finally resumed this Term. The exchange program has traditionally been a highlight for many students during their Year 8 journey at Scotch Oakburn College. These exchanges embody the six Round Square IDEALS, especially Adventure, Leadership and Service. The exchanges encourage students to be Courageous and step outside their comfort zone, be Curious about different approaches to education and ideas, and be Inclusive of people with a different background and life-experience to their own.

To be eligible, Year 8 students undertake a rigorous application process and, if successful, they are matched with another Year 8 student from a Round Square school in the Asia-Pacific Region. The successful students then participate in a reciprocal exchange where they ‘live the life’ of a fellow student.

This fortnight the College welcomed three Year 8 Round Square exchange students from Bishop Druitt College. Bishop Druitt College is a new school to the Round Square network situated in Coffs Harbour, and this exchange is among their first significant forays into the world of Round Square. The three Bishop Druitt College students’ impressions of Scotch Oakburn College are below.

It has been great here at Scotch Oakburn! I have only been here for a short time and have met so many new people and have made some great friends! –  Sienna

There are a lot of similarities between Scotch Oakburn and Bishop Druitt including uniform, rules, campus size and subjects. I’ve had a great time at the Boarding House too. – Charlie

One of the first things I noticed was that Scotch Oakburn had a main building with the classrooms inside. This shocked me because our classrooms, lockers and breakout spaces are all separated. The weather has been a very clear explanation for this! – Amy

The College looks forward to welcoming further students from other Round Square schools towards the end of Term 3 and in Term 4.

Leigh Cordell
Round Square Director